iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S4: Which should you buy?

Apple's iPhone 5 has been around going on 6 months now, but Samsung's Galaxy S4 has only just now hit the streets, and already we're being asked the question -- which one should you buy?

Never mind the iPhone 5 is last year's model, until Apple announces a new one this is the phone that's sitting on the shelves next to the Galaxy S4 and that makes the question a real one for real people. And luckily, it's a fairly easy one to answer, because both phones are different enough -- philosophical opposites in many cases -- they'll likely appeal to different audiences.

I attended the Samsung Galaxy S4 event in NYC with Phil Nickinson, and had a chance to try out the phone then. I've also had a chance to use it this week while Alex Dobie was working on his comprehensive Samsung Galaxy S4 review. So while I haven't gone as in-depth as those guys, I've had the chance to form some opinions.

The Galaxy S4 has a 5-inch SAMOLED screen compared to the iPhone 5's 4-inch LED IPS in-cell display. On size and size alone, the Galaxy S4 wins. If all you want is as much screen real estate possible this side of a phablet, the Galaxy S4 takes it hands down. If you want a smaller display that's easier to fit on tight hipster pockets or use one-handed, the iPhone 5 will be more to your liking. Samsung also cleans Apple's Retina clock with a 1920x1080 (1080p) display, compared to Apple's 1136x640.

When it comes to display technology, however, the iPhone 5 cremes the Galaxy S4. Not only does Apple use in-cell display to make the pixels look like they're part of the glass, IPS LED LCD -- sorry for all the initials -- just looks and works better. Samung sticks with SAMOLED, which, like OLED in general, just isn't great for displays. It does save on power and produce nice blacks, but it remains overly saturated, subject to an annoying blue-shift, and just doesn't hold up as well under direct sunlight. Also, Samsung has stuck with an odd sub-pixel arrangement -- some variant or another of PenTile -- and while it's very difficult to see at that resolution, it's still not as good as the traditional RGB layout.

Samsung has also stuck with plastic for their casing, which not only doesn't feel as good as the plastics used by HTC and Nokia, it feels downright cheap compared to the aluminum and glass casing of the iPhone 5, and the aluminum used in the new HTC One. Samsung's plastic does make it easier for them to include a door for a removable battery and SD card, but I'm happy enough to recharge my phone when I need to, and I'd rather not have a cheap-feeling experience all day, every day, when I'm using it.

The software is a mixed bag as well. I love that Samsung is trying so many things and experimenting with so many things. Sure, some of them are beyond wacky, but some of them might just be wonderful as well. Companies that throw things against the wall do sometimes find what sticks, and that's how we get the future faster.

I just wish they'd hire some really good designers to give the icons and interface a once-over because it still comes off as an afterthought, inconsistent and utilitarian.

Overall, it's a good improvement over last year's Galaxy S3. Some are calling it a Galaxy S3S, similar to Apple's S-class iPhone updates, but the screen size increase and some of the other hardware features make it more than that. Just not a lot more.

However, it remains a largely uninspired and un-opinionated phone. The beige box of mobile. It'll be a best seller, no doubt about it. Maybe even the best seller this year. But If you don't want an iPhone 5 -- and there are some valid reasons for not wanting an iPhone 5 -- I wouldn't recommend a Galaxy S4. If you love phones and you love Android, I'd recommend an HTC One far, far more.

But don't take my word for it, read Alex's review, and then come back and let me know what you think.

Rene Ritchie

Rene Ritchie is one of the most respected Apple analysts in the business, reaching a combined audience of over 40 million readers a month. His YouTube channel, Vector, has over 90 thousand subscribers and 14 million views and his podcasts, including Debug, have been downloaded over 20 million times. He also regularly co-hosts MacBreak Weekly for the TWiT network and co-hosted CES Live! and Talk Mobile. Based in Montreal, Rene is a former director of product marketing, web developer, and graphic designer. He's authored several books and appeared on numerous television and radio segments to discuss Apple and the technology industry. When not working, he likes to cook, grapple, and spend time with his friends and family.

  • iPhone 5, over and over again. Seamless swipes and page flipping or a lag ridden bug infested operating system? Hmmmm.... Apple or NOTHING.
  • Obviously you don't have a clue. Tried any of the new Androids? No more lag than an iPhone 5 now.
  • Not really true, every review video review I've watched so far as we'll as reviews I've read on the Verge and Cnet both talk about andshow lag in some point or another.
  • I said no more lag than a iPhone 5. EVERY phone has a little bit of lag.
  • He has a clue. I have both an iPhone 5 and a Nexus 7 and Android 4.2.2 lags like crazy.
  • He said any late phone, NOT last year's tablet designed to be as cheap as possible! I have Nexus 4 (and Nexus 7), and Nexus 4 does NOT have any lag. It is as smooth as it can get. How to confirm this? You can view FPS of the screen, it is never lower than 55.
  • Perhaps that the question which everyone around is asking - iPhone5 or Galaxy S4. Get to hear from some passionate supporters of both and see what does a public poll reflect about the popularity at the website I came across: BRANDCOLLAGE
  • This is iMore so you are going to partial to the iPhone, but don't be blind to the competition, try Jelly Bean for yourself, you will see it is very fluent and not a " lag ridden bug infested operating system" that you claim.
  • Iphone 5 all the way!!!!!!
  • iPhone 5. Dumb question.
  • " It's also LED. Samung sticks with SAMOLED, which, like OLED in general, just isn't great for displays. " I'm not sure you know what the LED in OLED stands for. I think you meant LCD? Anyhoo, this statement is basically false as OLED is used for high-end televisions. The LCD in the iPhone 5 kicks booty for color accuracy and power consumption. Not sure how those compare with the S4 (I know Samsung has something like 8 different color profiles, but no idea if they are any good).
  • once again anyone who will buy a "smartphone" will buy them base on their mind set, no real need for any comparison bla bla bla.
  • Great comparison but can you do something about the sound quality? It sounded like you were using a phone's mic to record your voices. :(
  • I was never a big fan of the phone. I really think HTC One is a nice phone. The design looks expensive, which makes the phone more appealing. But, I love my iPhone 5!
  • So stupid recommendation! HTC one? Iphone5? Why should I buy something without external sd slot and non remremovable battery? Samsung is unique - every single smartphone has an sd slot and removable battery! Including Windows8 Samsung Ativ S..... No further comments needed...
  • Removable batteries and SD card slots are a minority market service at this point. They don't matter to most people any more, and having them causes other compromises that matter more (like cheap plastic shells).
  • The removable battery and SD card it become crucial nowadays for a smartphone. Samsung unique design to maintain this features just best fit into the high end phone market which doesn't exist in the market. Giving an example LUMIA920, iPhone 5 and HTC one also don't come with this design. Let's talk about removable battery. Base on my observation, features on the smart phone getting increase compare to 2 years ago but battery still remain as a bottleneck factor. Hence removable battery always a better choice for those always on the move and heavy usage user. I know there are a lot of power bank can assist on this matter but it still require the phone attach to that device while charging. This is quite an annoying while you are on the move. Let's shift the topic to SD CARD topic. In most of the circumstances user always choose lowest internal storage when purchase the smart phone due to budget. Hence SD CARD played a very important factor here which allow the buyer to just grab the lowest price normally 16GB internal storage 1st and they can anytime gain extra storage easily in future. Lastly we move to the so call PLASTIC back cover design. Again if you observe over the market, most of the smart phone user also use their phone together with a bumper to avoid scratches or damage. This become crucial especially to those phone come with the non removable back cover design. For all of the phone provider, to re-design a new model with thinner and lighter always a big big challenge. By putting on all those back cover bumper can easily increase the thickness and also weight for the phone. This can be totally defeat the purpose and wasted hard work for the design engineering for a phone. But with a removable plastic back cover design, you can enjoy the original phone without any bumper because there will be always easily replace with a new shell by your own. Before I end the comment just to let you know basically most of my friends who using apple iPhone also hope APPLE really can break through and produce a larger display such as 4.3" or 4.7" iPhone.
  • I prefer 4" screen. It's about pocketability. Larger screens are what tablets are for. ^just my use case.
  • I enjoy both devices but I do not understand the "pocketablity" aspect of these debates. My galaxy SIII fits in my pocket just fine, just as I am sure the s4 will.
  • Right man. I've purchased the S4 yesterday. Screen really sharp can said even u can feel clearer a bit than iPhone 5, might be the 5" size make you feel like that. But S4 absolutely pocket able. I've add on a S View Flip which can allow you answer call with a small window on the flip. (ON/OFF) screen just by using the flip and it's very convenient. Just discovered the S-Health application, work seamless to calculate my steps walked and remind me to walk more to achieve the 10,000 steps per day. Andriod on Samsung S4, endless discovery journey. A lot more to go explore.
  • Good luck installing apps on your 8GB S4 though. An SD card wont help you there. Also if you use spotify and save some music for offline play that also goes on the internal SD Card.
  • LOL, easy enough to simply connect the phone to any computer using the USB cord, then move them to the external SD using just the Windows Explorer interface to do it. Dont need a third party app or a Google-forced program like iTunes to do that either.
  • How much does Samsung pay for these kinds of posts? I want in, wouldn't mind some extra cash to buy my Apple products.
  • Settle for the cheaper product? The Samsung GS4 costs more than the most expensive iPhone, and rightly so. It is a far more advanced device in a whole different class than the iPhone.
  • I often wondered about the "cheap plastic shells" comparision since a majority of consumers slap a case on their phone anyway, right?? I don't know what difference it would make after that.
  • This is a great rebuttal aspect. Many people complain about the plastic, weightlessness of the galaxy phones but probably 80% of iPhones I see in the wild have a cases on them.
  • No phone is completely invincible. Dropping one's phone is a fact of life. Even if a phone survives a drop, it still gets scuffed up a bit. Why not protect one's investment for resale value down the line. Then there's the Apple products as being works of art line of thought…
  • And that's where the vulnerability of Apple products to damage is evident. No phone is completely invincible but if a phone is designed in such a way to be helpless in simple cases like getting jumbled in a bag of keys coins et al and acquiring scuffs and scratches (and we all know that the unibody aluminum plate of the iPhone is expensive to replace) then that's obviously a triumph of form over function.
  • You haven't watched the key scratch tests of the iPhone 5 on YouTube? Go take a look. I'll wait.
  • I've always carried my iPhone naked with nothing more than a Zagg Shield on it. I've dropped my phone, laid on it, took it to Afghanistan and back and I've yet to have any issues such as broken screens. I'll admit I have a couple of chips in the stainless steel band from when I dropped it on my gravel,driveway but that's it.
  • Minority market? Samsung is the leader of smartphone market!!!
  • Or wanted...
  • Even as an IT manager that is always on my phone I've yet to see a need for removable batteries or sd cards. I have a nearly two year old iPhone 4S and I go from 5 am to 10 pm everyday without having to hook up to a charger. At 10 pm I had 30% power! Even with all my music, photos, videos, apps I have 4 gb left on a 32 gb iPhone. Yeah I use Dropbox for files, and I've migrated to using Spotify more for music versus my massive music library, but still by and large MOST users aren't carrying massive amounts of digital media that really require n SD card. So no, it's not really no further comments needed..... In the end it's like everything else in life it comes down to what you prefer as a user!
  • You are an IT manager and you have an iPhone? LOL. You must be on the clerk/paper side of things, because no IT professional who works on actual infrastructure (Servers, AD networks, multi-location VPN and proxy, VLAN etc) would ever consider an iPhone. I do not know of any IT professionals on my level who carry iPhones except as a second personal phone (the basics). I currently have a Galaxy S4, and with it and the free ES File Explorer app, I can browse all Windows shares, test permissions, upload and download files as well as view them on my phone. I can install tools such as Zendesk and Solarwinds and Kaseya on it. I can install Terminal on it and connect to remote machines using SSH. You cannot do any of that using an iToy. You are forced to use your cloud services because even the top of the line iPhone with 32gb still cannot compete with the SII, II or IV with it's expandable SD card slot. My GS4 has 16gb onboard plus another 32 on the SD card for a total of 48gb that the iPhone cannot match no matter what you do. You can even connect an external hard drive to it using a 10$ OTG cable, and browse a 2TB drive or a pen drive with it. Kudos for you being an "IT Manager". I am an enterprise level Systems Admin for a multiple location network, and none of the developers, technicians, app developers or telecom specialists carry iPhones. That would be like bringing a tricycle to the Tour de France. If you do not need anything but the basics, go with an iPhone or a non-high end Android (a better comparison for iPhone). But for professionals who need the freedom and superior functionality, power and displays, only high end Androids like the Galaxy and HTC One and RAZR class phones will do.
  • You are o visually not who you say you are "an enterprise level system admin", more likely blind fan boy sitting in your room just trolling about. There are so many inaccuracies with your post, not to mention just flat out wrong assumptions. Based on your other posts in this thread I'm assuming you've never even messed with an iPhone for any prolonged period of time. I can do everything you claim you do on my iPhone either via apps from the App Store or apps from our corporate IT team, many of whom own iPhones. I've been to numerous IT conferences and a lot of IT people carry iPhones. Lastly the top storage capacity for an iPhone is 64 gb, not 32 gb as you claim, not to mention I can connect to a WD 2 tb wi-fi drive and do everything you said that I can't! Before you post and make claims that are inaccurate and insult people do some research or maybe even own the device (or at least do prolonged testing) otherwise you loose all credibility and look foolish!
  • LMAO. I am what I say. And I am likely old enough to be your father or maybe your grandfather. Only the uninformed would think that anything made by Apple (including their other products) is in any way "advanced" as far as cutting edge technology goes. From what you have said in your post, I feel that the specifics of why this is true would be lost on you due to your lack of knowledge on network infrastructure. Exactlyn what sort of an IT manager are you if you are not administering an Active Directory environment based on a Windows server? Suffice it to say, working with Apples is like making any home consumer product try to play in the secured environment of an Active Directory domain. It just cannot be done effectively. And without jailbreaking the iPhone, you cannot install any app which allows you to see the file structure of your own phone, much less a Samba connected server which requires AD credentials. Cannot be done, not even with an app. But Android can do it, and has been able to from the beginning. A Samsung can be expanded an additional 64gb to whatever comes with the phone. Cant do that with iPhone. And the screen, LOL. An app which allows RDP (remote desktop protocol) to remote to a server or workstation is useless on such a small screen. You might see an IT professional with an iPhone, but it wont be his or her primary phone, that is for sure. We develop apps for the iPhone, Android and Blackberry, so we have every Apple device which exists, including the older ones. We open them too. LMAO. You are an Apple fanboy and that is cool, but no Apple fanboy is on my level. Any Apple developer knows that Apple devices are not as advanced as most Android phones available. The developer standard is the Nexus, which this time is by LG. But the Samsung Galaxy S4 takes Android to a whole new level. Apple is still playing catch up, as usual.
  • I just recently switched from android to iPhone. I had a galaxy s2 epic 4g touch and I do not miss the ad card or removable battery . I even had spare batteries, but unless you carry a bag/briefcase all the time the batteries tend to stay home. As a student, I did always have the batteries since i do carry a bag but I always forget to charge the other battery anyway. I also don't know many people who do have spare batteries. It's a minority. As far as SD cards go, it's the same. I had a 16gig SD card, which I did use, but having two storage mediums is a mess on android. Some things only work on internal storage and some apps can't be transferred and there doesn't seem to be a way to have android auto download to so card. Most people with ad cards are using the ones from older phones that did include them. I am not saying no one cares about these features, and there are many more people like yourself that use them I'm sure! But the minority prefers things integrated and better materials and better batteries overall are preferred. Removable batteries tend to be smaller than those that are integrated because they don't have to fit the same standards and can form to remaining space. Look how thin the razr max is! Even the first version was thin and it didn't have to be a giant screened phone to fit the huge battery! Manufacturers need to work on better battery management and use integrated batteries so they can include more juice. You shouldn't need spare batteries!! Anyway my iphone lasts longer than both my old phones batteries combined. iPhone manages idle battery FAR better than android. My phone can sit unused for hours and barely use anything, even on 4g lte!! Usage times vary based on signal source but even when I'm in horrible signal areas and my battery drains fast, it's balanced by the rest of the day. haven't had my iphone die once since owning it. I surf web play with apps and listen to music all the time so I do use it. I don't play many games or watch movies on it though. Either way on a good day with low usage my s2 would drain about 5-8 percent on idle averaging 12-20 hours with like no usage. My iphone on an average day idles 1-3 percent per hour and is usually at 40+ percent by bed averaging 22-30 hours with a couple hours of use. :-)
  • You compare a Epic 4G Touch, a phone that's almost two years old to an iPhone 5? Not much of a fair comparision. I'm a iPhone user now, who used to own the Epic 4G Touch. I honestly can say I do miss my sd slot, but battery life is much better. I also miss the WiMAX coverage.
  • Its fair, because even the Galaxy SII is superior to iPhone in every metric except pixel density. The Galaxy SIII and SIV have superior pixel density, power and exceed the iPhone in every other metric. It is more fair to compare lower end Androids with the iPhone because that is where it sits in the market. The price point says "premium", but the device is certainly not premium.
  • After reading all of the reviews of the Galaxy S 4, the consensus among reviewers seems to be that the HTC One is just a more refined, and better built product than it.
    The Galaxy S 4 certainly has it's advantages: MicroSD card Slot, better camera in daylight scenarios, longer battery life, etc. However, the HTC One is just a much better built product (Aluminum vs Plastic), less, but more refined features, a more color accurate display, and a camera that takes great low-light photos. It really comes down to which things you value more.
    I was leaning towards buying the GS4 before all of the reviews poured in, but now it seems an HTC One will be my Android purchase for the year
  • I do not understand the popularity of low-light photos? Who are these users that are constantly taking photos in less than ideal conditions?
  • People who are at parties, in restaurants, in places where a flash is not appropriate, in a car at night...plenty of users do this. But cant do it much with an iPhone.
  • There are too many factors to this question. First off if you already own a apple product your kinda locked into their ecosystem with all the software you buy, plus the fact that your most likely locked in with the carrier you choose for two years unless you want to paid full price for a new phone when the next new thing comes out. If you haven't bought either yet than this question holds some weight but again, it isn't just about the product but also the ecosystem and carrier that you will choose. Second, once you make a choice and you want to change, now you have to decide whether you want to lose all the money you put out for apps for that product because they're not interchangeable between devices. So the real question is: Which ecosystem, carrier and product do you like more and will serve you better for your need and not whats popular?
  • Kinda refreshing to get a logical comment. The only thing that I would add to you comment is you say "First off if you already own a apple product your kinda locked into their ecosystem with all the software you buy". I would add, you are either "locked in happily" or "locked in". I like looking at all technologies, but not to change phones. The ecosystem I have choses does very well for me. cheers!
  • I agree, You're either happy being locked in or you're locked in trying to get out and waiting fot the time to run out on your contract.
  • Or forking up massive dough to change phones and ecosystems......
  • Nooo.. Ur not.. What a noob
  • The iPhone works perfect for me. Calls, text, email, pictures, socail networking. The GS4 has cool features, no doubt, but they won't get used to often. You might say you're going to use them, but you really won't. The size is crazy big to, the iPhone works great because you can use to with one hand, no problem. Is Apple lagging? No. They haven't released a new device in months. Of course the GS4 is going to have cool new features, it just came out. iOS7 needs to Apple's power kick. Yeah the 5S will be cool, but everyone will have there eyes on the new OS.
  • Apple was the King of Phone Arena. Today Samsung is the King with 30% of smartphone market. Get over it! It could be even worse....
  • When the next iPhone comes out in a month, we'll see. You can watch Samsung copy Apple some more.
  • Why would Samsung need to copy an inferior product? Samsung MAKES much of the iPhone. iPhones no longer rate a comparison with high end smartphones like the Galaxy S4 or the Note II. It is no longer in that league. Compare it to older, less expensive phones. Even mid-range Androids can do most of what the best iPhone 5 (64GB) does. Apple is always gonna, shoulda. iSheep will continue to wait and wait and when the next iPhone comes out it will debut already obsolete, just like the iPhone 5 did.
  • The link for Android Central is at the bottom, although I hesitate recommending it to you bc there is probably a bit too much coverage on non-Samsung products for your liking. Maybe start up your own "Samsung-Life" or "Galaxy-Central" sites if there aren't any already. I enjoy & use both iOS & Android, but in the past year I've noticed a ridiculous trend on Android sites.....and that is OEM fanboys. I thought the iOS-vs-Android arguments were bad, but they don't hold a candle to a lot of the Samsung-vs-HTC-vs-Moto threads I come across on some sites.
  • It doesn't matter what's the name of the company. I switched between Palm, Motorola, Apple, Nokia, Google and Samsung. Quality is the only thing that I pay attention to. At the time my favorite is Samsung Galaxy Note II. Tomorrow maybe Iphone 5s. (minor chances). I am very glad that South Korean Company can reach such success! Greetings from Europe!
  • You talk about quality being what you pay attention to but most reviews I've read, even from die hard Samsung people have been pretty scathing about Samsungs lack of build quality, and even other issues with Touchwiz, features not working like promised etc. I looked at reviews on Cnet and The Verge and while they bost said great things about the GS4 it's not without its fault, and build quality was chief among them.
  • I don't know what stats you are looking at, but according to this resource, iPhone has nearly 40% while Samsung has roughly 22% market share. theregister dot co dot uk/2013/04/05/android_market_share_slipping/
  • www.maximumpc.com/article/news/samsung_nabs_30_percent_global_smartphone...
  • you may want to study the performance of Android OUTSIDE the US or the UK.
  • iOS 7 will be a flop like iOS 6 and u know it!
  • not gonna lie, lately i've really been considering switching to an android device when i can upgrade in a couple months. i feel like there's so much more i can do on an android phone than my iphone. iphones just don't seem to change all that much when a new model comes out.
  • I'm with you on that, rewNATION. The HTC One is calling my name.
  • Go for it. All depends on what you want to use it for. Sure there are more features and some things you can do with an Android over iOS. Ive been using Android phones since the G1 came out all the way up to the Nexus and have used and played with many others. While they do have some cool features, I still find iPhone to work better. Maybe its the simplicity and its all about the apps for me.
  • I have an iPhone 5 but I'm going to get a Galaxy S4 in a few months. I'm tired of waiting for Apple to provide the device/form factor that I want. I waited for 2 years for a smaller iPad and bought the iPad mini. I love it. But I want a larger screen phone and I'm not going to wait 2 years for Apple to decide to make one.The iPhone 5 has a ridiculously small screen if you do much reading or video viewing on it. I used to value the simplicity of the iPhone - only 1 way to do things (Steve's way) - but I'm now getting into the variety and freedom that Android brings.
    Seems like Samsung is starting to run away from Apple. As Apple fans wait for things (iTV, etc) Samsung is providing them. Sure they "throw a lot of things at the wall to see what sticks" but some of the things they throw out are really good. It seems you need to wait till hell freezes over for Apple to decide to do something!
    Also, I prefer the plastic housing over the metal ones on the HTC and the iPhone. Much warmer. I use a case anyway, so it really doesn't matter. It seems to be an obsession with reviewers on this plastic vs. metal thing. I just don't get it. I needed to put my iPhone and my iPad mini in cases to get a feel that I felt was acceptable in terms of grippiness and texture.
  • Amen brother.. I feel the same way
  • I'm very tempted by the S4 or the HTC One. The only reason is because I want a larger screen. All the other Android features are things I don't really see much need for. Overall the iPhone does everything I need from a phone. There are things I would change but they're hardly deal breakers; Bluetooth is still a hassle to turn on and off, ringtones are challenge, file system is not user friendly, maps suck. Otherwise iphone is extremely user friendly.
  • People say maps suck, but I strongly disagree. I'm a frequent traveler and use Apple maps everyday and to this day I've only had 2 issues getting to a destination. One was this weekend while on my way to Georgia for a weekend getaway, however it ended up not being Apples fault anyway because the resorts address had changed and even google maps pointed me to the old address. Ringtones are extremely easy to do, I can do one in about 2 minutes using any of my music. I have a car with the Microsoft Sync system and I do agree it would be nice to have an easier way to turn on/off Bluetooth.
  • Wow, Samsung has come a long way and the s4 looks great
  • I made the jump from Iphone 5 to the Sony Xperia Z, I was lured in by the beautiful design of the phone, then immediately let down by the Android OS. The problem I have with Android is, it never feels like a finished product, you always feel like its lacking something, then you spend your time waiting for the next OS update but when that comes it feels just as incomplete as the previous. The fact is Android can do many many things more than an iPhone can, but what you need to realise is, you actually WONT do these things once you have the phone. After having the Xperia for a month I am already going back to iPhone next week when I get paid. The simplicity of the iPhone & iOS outweighs all the 'magical tricks' you can do on android by far, for me.
  • iOS 7 > Touchwiz UI
  • Oh... I didn't realize you used something that doesn't currently exist... -_-
  • If you're like me and stuck on the iPhone 4S and will be getting an upgrade- just give Android a chance. I'm sure it has made leaps and bounds since I had the Evo 4g on Sprint years ago. I will be leaving Apple and it's next iteration of the iPhone behind and will give the HTC One or Samsung Galaxy S IV a shot. I'm on AT&T now and will get to experience LTE (finally) and have a shot at tweaking and rooting the operating system if I choose. I just don't understand the reason why we pick sides? I just know that I'm tired of being on www.bored.com.
  • I have been using android since the HTC G1, and can honestly say with my most recent phone and tablet (nexus 4/nexus7) Jelly bean is an amazing iteration from the G1. I have now been playing with Windows Mobile Phone 8 and love the simplicity, but it lacks some refinement. Would i purchase an Iphone...no, i am invested in google/windows eco system and am happy!
  • I had the original iPhone as well as the 3Gs and then made the switch to android. I have the GS3 now and really like the size of the screen. While I still use my iPad and mac book pro, I still prefer the flexibility that android offers. I've read other comments and I've never had any bit of lag with the android OS 4.x, unless I changed something that would explain the problem. As far as the GS3 and GS4 being plastic, this is not an issue since I keep it in a case, just like my plastic iPhone 3Gs.
  • Always Samsung galaxy S4. No way iphone
  • Samsung any day. All of these comments prove how brainwashed you guys are. Wake up and realise it's clearly not the better phone. Who are you kidding?
  • Surely samsung galaxy s4 is the best option than iPhone 5. S4 has the latest smart features and I have read many reviews regarding this device which shoes positive response to buy this device. Many websites are offering pre-registration of galaxy s4 so the users can refer this site : http://www.prepaymania.co.uk/mobile-phones/samsung-galaxy-s4.html
  • Even Samsung's iDea not what the consumer really needs to want to have your data safe and mobile with useful functions. :LLL .. i would say the perfect screen size bring the nexus 4 :_ )
  • Otter boxes are TOO BULKY, and if you own an iPhone you MUST have one......or suffer the consequences. I BARELY dropped 2 iPhones (one on the CARPET from ear level) and they were instant trash. EFF THAT FRAGILE POS! Since Ive switched to Android Ive also learned the ONE simple difference between the two...... iPhones are simple phones for the casual user. Just a phone that you can make calls, text, surf the web, and listen to music. And thats fine for 90 percent of the wireless demographic. Androids are an open never ending book o' tricks that a true tech geek like myself can really dive into and tinker with. I love that. Also they are tough....VERY tough. I dropped my note from an attic opening onto the concrete garage floor aaaaaaand my back popped off and battery flew across the floor. Thats it. It also took easily 2 dozen more ear to ground drops with just scratches on the edges. As far as lag goes....never been an issue. Ever. My HTC Amaze did freeze up on me twice in the span of a year, my iphones......numerous times. And don't get me started on how many times I had to recover my 4 and 4s. Let alone my 500+ pics and 250+ contacts that got lost in itunes purgatory. Dont get me wrong, the iPhone is a good device, great even. However there is in NO one way that it is superior in ANY category. Its dead even in one, maybe two, but has fallen behind in all the rest. My ipad is absolutely great, I love it. The ipod was one of the greatest inventions EVER. Android has, at the very LEAST, leveled the phone playing field though. End of conversation.
  • I've owned the same iphone 4 for 3 years. I have a 3 year old child who carries my phone around. I've dropped it several times. I do not, nor will I ever have an Otterbox. And never, EVER has my phone been damaged to the point of not working. In fact, there is barely a scratch on it. Also, said phone has only froze once. And I've never had to recover it.
  • I do disagree with you. I've dropped my iPhone on concrete afew time and nothing happened. I've never has any problem with any of my iPhones the 3GS, 4 and currently the 5. I think your not very phone savvy bc I can do pretty much anything I want with my iPhone. Yes androids can do alot to. I've owned the htc DNA, s3 and s4. They wasnt bad phones at all they can do pretty much the same thing. The android market apps, icons and just the entire setup on the androids seems alittle cheap. I find that they all was slower then the iPhone
  • iPhone is just my personal favorite. I've never liked androids. I've used the s3 and s4 both for a week and didn't like them. I just enjoy the iPhone. The screen is perfect for me. I love the setup of the iPhone and with the new ios 7 coming out this fall the iPhone will take it to the next level. Everyone has their own opinions on what they like, why argue about it?
  • U guys idiots?the galaxy s4 is much better than the iphone 5 s i have both the only thing in the iphones better than s4 is the speed the s4 has better screen better camara better desighn bigger screen more hacker freedom and much more functions and it has a extern sdcard
  • I do disagree with you. I've dropped my iPhone on concrete afew time and nothing happened. I've never has any problem with any of my iPhones the 3GS, 4 and currently the 5. I think your not very phone savvy bc I can do pretty much anything I want with my iPhone. Yes androids can do alot to. I've owned the htc DNA, s3 and s4. They wasnt bad phones at all they can do pretty much the same thing. The android market apps, icons and just the entire setup on the androids seems alittle cheap. I find that they all was slower then the iPhone