In what might come as no surprise, Apple really wants you to upgrade your old iPhone 5s to the new four-inch iPhone SE. It's already one of the most affordable iPhone models, but the company is making it extra-appealing to users of its oldest 4-inch models with a pretty nice trade-in deal.

Available only in stores starting March 31, you can bring in your old iPhone 5s and get $150 in cash, which is nice. Alternatively, you can trade it for a 16GB iPhone SE and pay just $10/month for two years. (You can also trade it in for an iPhone 6s for $20/month, but Apple's banking on the fact that four-inch smartphone users are going to want to trade for newer four-inch iPhones.)

In contrast, users trading in a 5 or 5c have have to pay $12/month, and 4/4s users $14; if you want to trade in an iPhone 6, the SE isn't even available as a standard trading option, though it is available for trade in (probably around $4-8/month, given the pricing options for the iPhone 6s/6s Plus).

$10/month essentially lets you purchase your new SE for $240, rather than the $399 starting price for the 16GB model; this would net you an extra $9 over deciding to trade in your iPhone 5s for cash, then buying the 16GB SE outright.

In short: You get to walk away with Apple's newest four-inch smartphone, and your old iPhone 5s gets to spend some quality time with Liam the happy disassembling robot.

We'll have more information on pre-ordering and buying the iPhone SE coming to iMore very soon, but in the meantime, let us know if you have any questions and we'll try and tackle them.