iPhone 9 and the next iPad Pro confirmed in iOS 14

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What you need to know

  • Apple's next iPhone has been spotted in iOS 14.
  • The code has also revealed a new iPad Pro and AirTags.
  • There's also a new Apple TV remote on the cards.

Apple's iPhone 9, as well as the iPad Pro, AirTags and a new Apple TV remote, have all been spotted in iOS 14.

As reported by 9to5Mac:

Leaked iOS 14 code obtained by 9to5Mac corroborates many details about what to expect from Apple's upcoming hardware refreshes, including the new iPad Pro, iPhone 9, and AirTags. Apple is also developing a new Apple TV remote, the code indicates.

With regards to the iPad Pro:

According to the iOS 14 code, the upcoming iPad Pro refresh will include a new triple-lens camera array like previous supply chain reporting has suggested. This camera setup will include a time-of-flight 3D sensor, a wide-angle lens, an ultra-wide lens, and a telephoto lens. This is a major update from the current iPad Pro.

All of these seem to confirm previous rumors regarding a Time-of-flight sensor and a new triple camera setup.

According to the report, iPhone 9 is also confirmed in the code, and is set to feature Touch ID:

iOS 14 code also includes details about the upcoming iPhone 9, again corroborating past supply chain reporting. The iPhone 9 will support Touch ID as well as Express Transit capabilities. Apple is hoping to push iPhone 6 users — which does not feature support for Express Transit — to upgrade to the iPhone 9.

Another piece of code seems to suggest that there's a new Apple TV remote on the way, which makes sense as previous reports have also suggested that a new 4K Apple TV is on the way.

None of the information here is "new", however, this is the first time we've heard it all pinpointed in Apple's upcoming iOS 14 software. Apple's iPhone 9 has been several months in the making in terms of rumors, with suggestions that it will feature a $399 price tag, Touch ID and a form factor similar to that of the iPhone 8.

Reports of a refresh to the iPad Pro have also been making the rounds for a whilst, a recent DigiTimes report had suggested they were on the way as early as March 2020, time-of-flight sensors and triple camera configuration in tow.

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