iPhone 9 pre-order posters 'spotted' at Korea Telecom Retail stores

iPhone 9
iPhone 9 (Image credit: My Smart Price)

What you need to know

  • Someone has spotted posters outside of Korea Telecom stores advertising pre-orders for the iPhone 9.
  • It features a picture of the back of a red iPhone alongside the Galaxy S20, also touted for release imminently.
  • Korea Telecom is South Korea's largest phone company.

According to Indian outlet MySmartPrice, someone has spotted posters advertising pre-orders for the iPhone 9 outside of Korea Telecom retail stores.

iPhone 9

iPhone 9 (Image credit: My Smart Price)

According to their report:

A little while ago, we came across the renders of the upcoming iPhone 9 or the iPhone SE smartphone. While Apple has not given an official word as to when the device would launch, a new report has come up that hints that the launch date might not be too far from now, after all. A Korean Telecom (KT) retail store has opened an appointment for the device already. Let's have a look at this interesting turn of events.As seen in the images above, the Korea Telecom store has opened the pre-orders for both the Samsung Galaxy S20 lineup of smartphones and the Apple iPhone 9 smartphone. In the store's pre-orders section, we can see the Samsung Galaxy S20 + the Samsung Galaxy Buds+ posters. Alongside the same, we can spot the rear image of the iPhone 9. The rear image does not tell us anything that we don't know of already. The design is reminiscent of the renders that were leaked back in January 2020.

Now, these images are a bit sketchy, so KT might just be hedging their bets somewhat here. If it's real, however, it could reveal one important detail about the release: a (Product)RED iPhone. This might just be a mixup, or a guess, or the lightning, but from where I'm standing, that iPhone is definitely red.

As with all leaks of this nature, take this with a good pinch of salt. We've seen so much on the airwaves about a rumored iPhone 9 that its existence seems to be a certainty. This leak, however, is a little less certain, but exciting nonetheless!

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