iPhone App Allows You to Stream iTunes Library to iPhone

Before we say anything about the app, Simplify Media, go download it. Like right now. The first 100,000 iPhone users who download Simplify Media will receive it for free. After that, they'll be charged a cool $3.99. Who doesn't like a deal? Okay, good.

Simplify Media is an app that uses the desktop version on your Mac or PC to wirelessly stream your iTunes Library to your iPhone. So essentially the storage cap for music on your iPhone is essentially removed. Plus, it also works over EDGE and 3G and you have the option of listening to 30 of your friends' iTunes Library as well. In other words, Simplify Media is oozing and dripping with potential.

Here's to hoping you got a chance to be one of the first 100,000 users to download! As soon as we get things running, we at TiPb will let you know how well Simplify Media actually works!