It's time for App Avalanche 11, and this week we're shaking things up a bit over here at TiPb. Given the App Store is truly an avalanche of apps with more piling up each day, it's just about impossible to keep up. Instead, we'll present to you what's Good, Better and Best in the App Store according to what reviewers have said -- folks just like you and me who downloaded the app, tried it out, and gave it 1 to 5 stars. We're also going to throw in a CrApp -- an app that just seems to stink to high heaven. Let's get started after the break!


Thumbtacts, by Crimson Research, Inc., allows one-handed searching of your contacts. To find a contact, touch an option (letter or character string) and then look for matches. Coming in with a solid 4-star rating from reviewers, here are just a few of the comments: ricol says "nice, effective app, but interface needs improvement." Jim Watson said, "Finally an easy way to access my contacts." Get it here for free.


TapeMe Voice Recorder, from Axel Wolf of Tausendstern Inc., allows you to easily record memos, meetings, reminders, or other audio on your iPhone. It offers a simple 3-button interface and was given a 4-star rating from reviews. Here are some comments: Seeyadude said, "Great little app and worth the price. Very simple to use on the run." iTep says, "Love this application!" Get it here for $.99 cents.


iExchange, from Thomas Garaio (, is an app for viewing a colleague's Microsoft Exchange based calendars from wherever you are. Check your colleague's calendar to see when they are in the office, when they are available for meetings, etc. Reviewers gave it a 4 1/2 - star rating. Some comments: Bradley36 says, "Very handy app. Get's the job done. No bugs or problems." a odd person says, "Nice icon. Looks promising." Get it here for $9.99.


Aqua, from Alec Bellanca, is an app that simulates the flow of liquid as you tilt and touch your iPhone. See the icon here? That's about as good as it gets. No, you probably don't need glasses or need to change your prescription. Yes, it appears to be THAT bad. You may feel better about yourself giving your $.99 cents to charity. Then again, maybe the developer is seeking charity. The 2-star reviewer rating seems generous. If Apple exercises zero quality control in their App screening process and if some developers insist on submitting their CrApp and put their name on it, well... your CrApp just may end up here, for the world to see, with your name. Don't say we didn't warn you.

That's it for App Avalanche 11. If you agree or disagree with what's been designated Good, Better, Best, or CrApp, let your opinion be known! Leave a comment or two, visit the forum, and come back next week for more!