It's time for App Avalanche 13, and this week we're taking a look at the Entertainment category in the App Store and at what's Good, Better, Best, and, of course, the CrApp. There's at least 26 (!) pages of Entertainment apps and counting. After exhaustive research by our highly-trained TiPb staff (please note: author taking massive liberties with the truth here; likely exaggerating), these apps have been hand-picked for YOU. Given that this is unlucky Avalanche 13, written on the 13th, I'm sure the author of the CrApp is feeling quite unlucky for being featured here! 


Crazy Pumpkin, by, is just in time for Halloween. This is a fun and useful app with many features, including digital Jack-o-lantern, scary sound effects, multicolored flashlight, and even a pumpkin-carving design tool with more than a thousand face combinations. It's a great way to get in the Halloween spirit and will certainly be a winner with kids and adults alike. Get it here for FREE! 


iDaydream, from Brian Smith, is reminiscent of laying on your back and watching the puffy clouds float by. Swipe your finger across the virtual sky and create clouds that float by. Change the sky from blue to sunset and watch the clouds change with the lighting conditions. Sometimes you have to lean back in your office chair and watch the clouds go by -- on your iPhone! Get it here for $.99 cents.


i.TV, by i.TV, LLC, is a free movie and TV guide for the iPhone or iPod Touch. It allows you to quickly find your favorite TV show or movies playing anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. You can even view previews and movie trailers, detailed show descriptions, celebrity bios, and even write your own reviews and share them. It's a media guide at your fingertips. Get it here for FREE!


Babe-O-Meter, from Chillingo Ltd, stands for "Bogus Analytic Biometric Entertainment"-O-Meter. How cute. So basically, you shake your iPhone or iPod Touch for four seconds and see how "babe" you are. Wouldn't you rather just consult your Magic 8-Ball for answers to the greater questions in life, like "should I drop $.99 cents for this CrApp?"  Put down your Magic 8-Ball and let me answer that one for you: No. Skip this charity app (charity for the developer, that is) and move on.

That's it for App Avalanche 13. If you agree or disagree with what's been designated Good, Better, Best, or CrApp, let your opinion be known! Leave a comment or two, visit the forum, and come back next week for more!