It's time for App Avalanche 14, and this week we're taking a look at the Finance category in the App Store and at what's Good, Better, Best, and, of course, the CrApp. If you are looking for some good finance apps, there are a load of apps in the App Store in this category. Unfortunately, there seem to be a ton of very mediocre apps (according to reviews left by App Store visitors), and it takes a bit of sifting through the coal dust to find some diamonds. Read on to learn about some Finance apps you may want to try for yourself!


Accounts, by SVT Software,  is a fairly simple, straight-forward app for keeping track of your accounts, like checking, savings, etc. Reconciling your accounts is as easy as placing a check mark next to the item that has cleared your bank. You can export your data as a CSV file for backup, protect your accounts with a passcode, and add unlimited accounts. You can get it here for only $.99 cents.


iXpenseIt, from FYI Mobileware, Inc., is an expense tracking app that is rich in features. It includes user customizability, graphical reports, full text search, mileage tracking, and even storing digital photos of your receipts by using the iPhone's camera. Export your records as a CSV file. This app appears to be a great tool for the business person who must keep track of expenses and receipts. Get it here for $4.99.


Bloomberg, from Bloomberg LP, is a free app for using the ever-popular Bloomberg financial tracking services. Create a customizable list of stocks to follow, news, company descriptions, market leaders, market trends analysis, and much more. It's a free app to give you accurate, timely information about the world's financial markets. Get it here for free!


CreditTrak, from Venkatramanan Krishnamani, is an app for storing up to three credit cards (credit card information). The description is a bit misleading in that it advertises the ability to "activate" up to three credit cards, but this app in no way gives you any kind of electronic access to your credit card information. It promises that you can "build excellent credit faster than you can imagine." Really? Hmmm. So basically if I use this app, enter my credit card information, then manage every single aspect of my credit card transactions, payments, balances, etc. myself, then I'll have the credit score of my dreams. I have to pay a buck for all that self-help? If you feel inclined to try this app, do so at your own risk. It's a bit stinky to me; like a bag of burning CrApp left on my doorstep on Halloween night. I'm just sayin'.

That's it for App Avalanche 14. If you agree or disagree with what's been designated Good, Better, Best, or CrApp, let your opinion be known! Leave a comment or two, visit the forum, and come back next week for more!