If you own an iPhone and haven't browsed the App Store, you don't know what you're missing!  Then again, if you are reading this 2nd App Avalanche, you can get a taste of what's waiting for you in the App Store and maybe, just maybe, you'll not waste another second and start downloading some great apps for your iPhone!

With your iPhone in hand, let's get buried in some apps right now with App Avalanche 2!


ColorTilt, from Karen Weems at IMAK Creations, utilizes the iPhone's accelerometer and touch screen to select a background color and then finger paint at your pleasure. Save your artwork in your iPhone's Photo Library, simply shake your iPhone to erase. See how creative you can be! Get ColorTilt for only $.99 here.


Little Pine Tree, from Benxing Entertainment, is a story book for children that "reads" the story while you flip the pages with the swipe of your finger. A great way for your kids to have fun while learning, and fits easily in your pocket or purse. Download Little Pine Tree here for only $.99.


Urbanspoon, by Wanderspot, LLC, is a free app that can help you answer the age-old question: where do you want to eat lunch? Using the iPhone's GPS, just shake your iPhone and Urbanspoon will randomly select a restaurant in your area. It even includes ratings so you have a better idea of what you are getting yourself into! Get it for free right here.


What's Hot

MySpace Mobile, from MySpace.com, helps you stay connected to all of your MySpace friends, right from your iPhone. Send and receive messages, browse your network of friends and see their status, upload and share photos from your iPhone, and even search for new friends.  Get it here for free!



SmugShot, by SmugMug, adds photos to your SmugMug galleries online as you shoot them with your iPhone. All photos are geotagged and places the location of your pictures on Google Maps. You receive a 14-day free trial and 50% off the first year. Get SmugShot right here.



Bomberman Touch - The Legend of Mystic Bomb, by Hudson Entertainment, is a version of the prolific and much-loved Bomberman series designed specifically for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Guide Bomberman through each level by tapping the touchscreen. Download it here for only $7.99.


Top Paid Apps

Texas Hold'em, from Apple Inc., is a very realistic app for playing one of the most popular poker games in the world today. Just rotate your iPhone to switch from first-person to above view. Opponents are realistic in both appearance and behavior. Get it here for only $4.99.



Units, by Shashwat Parhi of Crossroad Solutions, is a simple conversion utility for the iPhone or iPod Touch. With an interface that looks like a calculator, just punch in the numbers and watch Units convert in real time. There are three user-assignable buttons for conversions you use the most. Download here for only $.99.


Recorder, by Dan Walton of Retronyms, has a simple one-button interface for recording memos, discussions, sounds, interviews, or anything else you want to record. You can record for minutes or hours (or until you run out of memory on your iPhone!). Download it here for only $.99.


Top Free Apps

Pandora Radio, by Pandora Media, Inc., streams music over the internet directly to your iPhone. Search by artist name or song name and Pandora will create a station playing your song and other songs like it. Pandora for iPhone is fully integrated with Pandora on the web. Get it for FREE right here.


Shazam, brought to you by Shazam Entertainment Ltd., is an app that will tell you what music you are listening to! If you are listening to music and wonder who the artist is and the song name, then just hold your iPhone to the music (with Shazam running) and Shazam will tell you the artist and track name. Get it for FREE here.


PhoneSaber, from Alex Price of TheMacBox, is a handy app for those inconvenient times that you leave your real lightsaber at home and happen to run into the Sith. With five different colors to choose from, activate your lightsaber and enjoy the sound effects as you swing your iPhone around. Download it for FREE here.



Thanks for dropping by for the iPhone App Avalanche 2.  Now head over to the iTunes App Store and download some apps so your iPhone doesn't feel all empty inside!