It's the end of July and there's still plenty of summer left, so snow and avalanches are still many months away. Fortunately, any time of year is perfect for an App Avalanche, and there are always new and updated apps in the App Store for your iPhone. It's time for App Avalanche 3!



South Park Imaginationland, from RealNetworks, Inc., brings the world of South Park to your iPhone. What's not to love about controlling Butters and his adventures in the South Park universe? Bounce Butters through over 60 levels as he tries to rescue Imaginationland. Get it here for $9.99.


Fotomatic, from SoundSpectrum, is an app for viewing your favorite photo albums from Facebook, Flickr, and Picasa sites. A nice feature is the ability to view albums while other photos download. You can choose from different animated slideshow themes and view your photos on the go, or even view public photo albums. Get it here for $4.99.


BeatMaker, by Vincent Bongiomo of Intua, is a music creation studio combining features of professional drum machines, samplers and sequencers. It is designed for an intuitive music-making experience with sampling from the original sound-bank or BeatPack, a free synchronization companion to expand your audio library. Start making music by downloading here for $19.99.


What's Hot

AOL Radio, from AOL (naturally), is powered by CBS Radio and provides over 200 stations and over 150 CBS radio stations from across the U.S. Music, sports, talk radio and news right on your iPhone. Give it a listen by downloading here today for the low price of FREE.



Yelp, by Yelp, Inc., is an app that takes advantage of the location feature of your iPhone and can help you find just about anything. Looking for a restaurant that serves certain kinds of food? Need a gas station? You can pick from general categories or narrow your search to specifics, then read reviews from local Yelp users! Get it for free here.



WHERE, by uLocate Communications, is another location-based application that ties in some of the other popular location-based apps like Yelp and Eventful. Find restaurants, the cheapest gas near you, local events, and more. You can even locate your friends with BuddyBeacon. Download it for free right here.


Top Paid Apps

Units Convertor, from Yuchao Zhou, is an inexpensive app for converting measurements like temperature, length, mass, weight, volume, pressure, and power. That's a lot of stuff to convert! It has a very simple interface -- just turn the wheels and you can get multiple values for a single measurement. Get it here for only .99 cents.


Brain Challenge, by Gameloft, is a highly-acclaimed brain training simulation for your iPhone with 43 mini-games to keep your brain in tip-top shape and on your toes. You can train in the categories of Visual, Memory, Logic, Math and Focus. It's also toted as a great stress relief - now can't we ALL use a little of that? Get it here for $9.99.


Solitaire, by Mobilityware, is the classic game of solitaire for your iPhone. It is the Klondike version, which is also the most popular version and most well-known. Your game is saved when interrupted by a call, which is a nice feature. Your best times and number of moves are saved as well. Get it here for $1.99.


Top Free Apps

Labyrinth Lite Edition, by Carl Loodberg of Codify AB, is a throwback to yesteryear and the old wooden labyrinth, requiring the twisting of knobs to tilt the surface and guild your steel ball safely to the goal without dropping through one of many holes. Now, the sky is the limit on the iPhone - tilt your iPhone and guide the ball through 10 fully-playable mazes. Get it for free here.


BreakClassic, brought to you by Anton Butsev of, is a simple classic brick breaker game. The developer is listening to reviews and has indicated that 'pause' control and other features are going to be added. It's nice to have developers that listen and improve their product, and what more can you ask from a free app? Get it here.


Sudoku (Free), from Darren Sillett of Mighty Mighty Good Games, allows you to choose from four different skill levels and provides an assortment of puzzles in different styles to play the popular game of Sudoku. You can pause the game and continue where you left off. Also, hints are available as well as storing your best times. Get the free version here.


That's it for the iPhone App Avalanche 3.  Be sure to stop by next week for another Avalanche of Apps!