It's time for App Avalanche 6!  What's new in the App Store? What's Hot? Which apps are people paying their hard-earned dough for? What about all those Free apps? Which ones are at or near the top of the charts? For answers to these questions, keep reading for iPhone App Avalanche 6! ## New TanZen, from Craig Kemper of Little White Bear Studios, is the iPhone version of the classic tangram puzzle game. With over 100 puzzles and growing, your objective is to move and rotate the 7 shapes (puzzle pieces) and fit them together in a shaded puzzle area. Work on puzzles in any order and even save your progress on several puzzles at once. Get it here for $2.99. Loan Shark, from August Trometer of FoggyNoggin Software, is financial software to assist you in calculating your payment, interest rate, and loan amount of a loan. You can view the full amortization of your loan over it's lifetime and even compute the effects of making more than the minimum payment. Save your loan figures for comparison shopping and even find lending institutions in your area. Get it here for $4.99. Par 72 Golf, by Chillingo Ltd., may have mixed reviews but offers three 18-hold par 72 golf courses with mountain, desert, and ocean environments. Experience 3-D hills, fairways, traps and greens. Select your club, check the wind and distance, and swing away to enjoy realistic ball flight and roll. The game saves your progress and you can listen to your own music while you play. Get it here for $7.99. ## What's Hot aSleep, from Marcello Catelli of Signs Studios, is an app for sleep, relaxation, meditation, or yoga. Set the timer and fall asleep to soothing sounds or melodies. Relieve stress to the sounds of the beach, rain, wind, musical instruments, or a variety of other sounds found in nature or made by man. Get it here for $.99 cents. LocalEats, by Magellan Press Inc., helps you find the best 100 restaurants in the top 50 cities in the U.S. Eat where the locals eat. Find the best restaurants nearest you and get driving directions to get you there. Read user comments to help you make your dining decision. Get it here for $.99 cents. StarSmasher, from John Bowers, is a 3D arcade-style space shooter. Battle a never-ending wave of alien ships, dodge asteroids and proximity mines, and collect power-ups along the way to improve your odds. Earn extra lives and keep playing to set a new high score. Get it here for $2.99. ## Top Paid Apps iDrummer (iDrumHero), by Nicholas Grant, is inspired by games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Tap out different drum patterns and see if you can set a new high score. Or, if you want to just play around without any pre-set patterns, enter "Free Play" mode and start drumming whatever you want. You can even play along with music on your iPhone. Get it here for $.99 cents. iWik: Wikipedia for the iPhone, from Hampton Catlin, is an app that makes Wikipedia a much more pleasurable experience for viewing on your iPhone. Specialized servers change content to be more precise by reformatting the content for your iPhone screen. A portion of all proceeds goes to Wikimedia Foundation. Get it here for $.99 cents. Preschool Adventure, from 3DAL, LLC, is an opportunity to get involved with your preschool-aged child with these fun, interactive learning activities. There are four mini-games that help your child learn about different animals, parts of the body, sea creatures, and the names of different shapes. Get it here for $.99 cents. ## Top Free Apps Newton's Cradle, from Grant Hull of Enabled Solutions Pty Ltd, is a fun exercise in physics. Touch and grab one of the simulated steel balls and let it go. Watch as it strikes the others and results in a reaction from the other side. Utilize the iPhone's accelerometer to view the effects of tilting your iPhone while the Cradle is in motion. And who said physics isn't fun? Get it for FREE right here. Audi A4 Driving Challenge, by Kris Collins at Audi of America, Inc., is an Audi A4 driving simulator. Maybe many of you are like me -- this is the closest I'll get to experiencing an Audi A4. Steer your virtual A4 through a series of progressively more difficult driving courses by using the accelerometer of your iPhone to control your car. Race against the clock to beat your best time. Get it here for FREE. Brain Tuner, from Bridger Maxwell of Gengar Studios and Elliot Lee, is an app for keeping your brain in tip-top shape in just minutes a day. It's also less expensive than "Five Minute Abs!" Challenge yourself with a series of math problems and see if your basic math skills improve in speed and accuracy. Get it here for FREE. That's it for the iPhone App Avalanche 6.  Be sure to stop by next week for another Avalanche of Apps!