Hopefully it's a long holiday weekend for at least a few of us, so what better to do for your Labor Day than kick it in the iTunes App Store? There are more apps piling up with each passing week. It's time for iPhone App Avalanche 7!   ## New RunKeeper, from Raizlabs Corporation and FitnessKeeper, Inc., is a location-based app that utilizes the iPhone 3G's GPS functionality to track the daily performance of runners, cyclists, hikers, walkers, or anyone else moving. It tracks duration of activity, distance, speed, and pace. You can also log your activities at www.runkeeper.com. Get it here for $9.99. Asphalt 4 Elite Racing, from Gameloft, is a racing game for the iPhone that allows you to race against your friends in WiFi mode. There are 28 licensed rides from the likes of Ferrari, Bugatti, Aston Martin, Chevrolet Corvette, and more. Enjoy 3-D graphics and race through 9 different cities, all the while controlling your car using the iPhone's accelerometer. Get it here for $9.99. Toy Bot Diaries, by Iugo Mobile Entertainment, gives you control of a tiny Toy Bot to navigate through several physics-challenging levels using your Bot's magnetic boots and grappling hook to overcome obstacles and challenges. Help the Toy Bot find his missing datapads to restore his memory and help him along his top-secret mission. Engaging comic-inspired graphics enhances your enjoyment. Get it here for $3.99. ## What's Hot Fire Drop, from Ravi Korukonda of xCube Labs, is a puzzle game for the iPhone where your objective is to burn the simmering cauldrons into raging flames and follow the monk as he splashes words of wisdom for you. Tap on 3 or more adjacent cauldrons of the same color to destroy them. Achieve higher scores as you destroy more cauldrons with one tap. Get it here for free! iDoodle2 lite, by Josiah Larson, is a powerful and fun drawing app for the iPhone and you can enjoy many of it's basic features for free! Draw, sketch, use different colors, save your drawings, use the eraser and "blob" tool, and more. Undo or redo your work with the half-flip of your iPhone. Get it here for free! Space Out, from Binary Square, Inc., pays homage to a couple classic games of yesteryear: "Space Invaders" and "Breakout." Even the sound effects hark back to the late '70s. Ahhhh, those were the days! Use your brick-breaking skills to shoot down the pesky aliens overhead. Includes various power-ups and a triggered multiple-ball mode! Get it here for $2.99. ## Top Paid Apps Air Hockey, by Bryan Duke of Acceleroto, brings the fun of air hockey to your iPhone for one or two-player action! If playing alone, you can select from easy, medium and hard AI settings to make your game more challenging. The first to score 7 points wins! Enjoy realistic air hockey physics and sounds as you send the puck careening off the sides to beat your opponent's defenses and score a goal. Get it here for only $.99 cents. Billy Frontier, from Pangea Software, Inc., is being sold at HALF PRICE right now at the app store and only for a short time, so check it out! It is a space cowboy game that is a combination of adventure and action. It is four games in one: Dueling, Shootout, Stampede, and Target Practice. Graphics and sound are also touted as being top-notch. Get it at 50% off (for a limited time) right here for $2.99. AP Top25 College Football 2008, from The Associated Press, is the standard measure of power in NCAA football for your iPhone. Flick through the weekly poll to see how your team fared against the nation's best. Get weekly game scores, recaps, photos and podcasts. Tap on the teams to view their progress through the season. Get it here for $.99 cents. ## Top Free Apps Wikipanion, from Robert Chin, is an iPhone app designed for easy search, navigation, and display of Wikipedia information. It provides easy to read custom formatting pages, quick table of contents browsing, searching, search autocompletion and more. Entries load much faster than from the main Wikipedia web page. Get it here for free! Hanoi, by Ian Marsh, is the classic Towers of Hanoi puzzle game for the iPhone. Enjoy the relaxing scenery as you move your pile of discs from one side of the screen to the other. Keep in mind that you may only stack smaller discs on top of larger ones! Get it here for free!  IM+ All-in-One Mobile Messenger, from SHAPE Services, is an award-winning all-around chat client that includes AIM/iChat, MSN/Windows Live Messenger, Jabber, ICQ, Yahoo, Google Talk and MySpaceIM. It's a great way to keep in touch with friends and family without incurring the cost of text messaging, because it's FREE to use! Get it here for the low cost of free. That's it for the iPhone App Avalanche 7.  Be sure to stop by next week for another Avalanche of Apps!