In the wake of new Apple stuff and the 2.1 update, it's time to return our focus to what's REALLY important -- Apps at the App Store! If you're at work, put the "back in 10 minutes" sticky note on your door (if you're at home, you have no excuse) and have a look at this week's App Avalanche 9!


Asthma-Charter, from Dr. Lee Konowe, Ph.D, is a peak flow measurement and medication recording tool for your iPhone. It is designed to assist you and your doctor in monitoring and logging your asthma treatment. It includes a doctor reporting feature so you can conveniently share your peak flow measurement information with your doctor. Get it here for $4.99. 

Wurdle, by Darrel Johnson of Semi Secret Software, is a fun, fast and flexible word game for your iPhone. The objective in the game is to find and trace as many words as you can on the game screen before time expires. If you run out of words, just shake your iPhone and the game board shakes up as well, giving you more possible combinations. Compare your score with others online. Get it here for $1.99.

Trulia Real Estate Search, from Trulia, Inc., is an iPhone version of the popular Trulia real estate search app. Find homes for sale in your area, Open Houses that you can plan on attending, scan through photos of homes, and even check out the area on the map feature. Customize your searches, save bookmarks of homes you like, and even email them to family and friends. Get it here for FREE.

What's Hot

MetaSquares, from MetaTools, Inc., is a strategy game where you pit your will against your iPhone's AI and battle it out on the game board to see if you can win the most squares. Capture all four corners of a square to win the square; the larger the square, the more points you earn. The first to score 150 points with at least a 15 point margin of victory wins! Get it here for $2.99.

Garf, by Mauvila Software, is an iPhone version of the old classic memory game. Exercise your memory by pressing the buttons in the proper sequence as shown. Like many video games, you get 3 lives in this game so you have a chance to repeat a sequence if you mess up. Multiple levels and high scores. Get it here for $1.99.

DataCase, from Aaron Kobayashi of Veiosoft, LLC, turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a wireless drive and file viewer. It works directly with Finder and Bonjour, allowing you the ease of drag-and-drop of your files to your iPhone as if it were a disk drive. Whether it's a Mac or PC, as long as you have a wireless connection, you can save and view files on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Get it here for $6.99. 

Top Paid Apps

LED Football, by Catherine Eng of touchGove, is a hark back to yesteryear (the late 70's, to be exact) and truly one of the first handheld electronic games. The original LED Football game is faithfully recreated on your iPhone. Press the virtual buttons on your screen, move your LED player up the field avoiding the LED opponents, and score a touchdown! Best of all, no plastic buttons to wear out after hours of playing. Get it here for only $.99 cents.

Spore Origins, from Electronic Arts Inc., is an iPhone version of the insanely-popular desktop game. Using your iPhone's accelerometer for control, guide your tiny creature through the many perils of the primordial ooze, customizing your creature with better offensive and defensive features along the way. Swim, float and ooze through 30 levels. Get it here for $9.99.

Real Soccer 2009, from Gameloft, brings the excitement of soccer to your iPhone or iPod Touch. Perform amazing soccer moves with the help of your touchscreen. Includes 198 teams with real player names and great 3D graphics for a realistic experience. Throw the ball in by tilting your iPhone! Supports several different languages and includes 12 stadiums modeled in 3D. Get it here for $9.99. 

Top Free Apps

FlipBook Lite, from Josh Anon, is an app for making doodles come to life on your iPhone and share them with family and friends. Remember those stick figure flip cartoons you used to make? I sure do. Now, use your iPhone to make your own animations, including importing your photos to use in your animated feature movies! If you have made something you are proud of and want to share, upload your creation to The Lite version is limited, but the full-featured version is available for $9.99.

Air Sharing, by Avatron Software, Inc., is an easy way to take your documents on the go and view them on your iPhone. Mount your iPhone as a drive on your Mac, PC or Linux system, drag and drop your files that need viewing (several different formats are supported), and then view your documents wherever you go. Save time by downloading docs you need to read for reading later on the plane or commuter train. Usually $6.99, get it here for a limited time for FREE.

White Noise, from Todd Moore, is an app that provides looping background noises so you can tune everything else out so you can sleep or relax. Beach, rain, wind, chirping crickets, the sound of and air conditioner - just several of the sounds available. For a limited time, you can get this app here for FREE.

Thanks for stopping by once again for App Avalanche 9.  Keep your eyes open for next week's Avalanche. Also, please comment on your favorite apps - why are they your favorite?