iPhone in Hong Kong: Only 500 Available at Launch?!

Whoa! Looks like Hong Kong's kung fu may not be as good as we thought it was. While their rates aren't terrible, it doesn't seem like many people will actually be able to enjoy them, least not at launch!

Reader Janric sent this in:

Unfortunately, you need to register in 3's website and pray that you'll be one of the random 500 lucky ones selected for the July 11 launch. In other words, the iPhone 3G launch in HK is very limited. You can only buy it on July 11 if you are one of the lucky 500 registrants. There is no information on their website on when it can be purchased by the public. I also called 3 customer service and they don't know when it will be available after the July 11 launch. Hopefully I can get more details after July 8 (date of the draw for the 500).

After communist party officials back in China, the local Taipans, and the Shaolin monks ('natch), what are the odds an average Apple iPhone seeker will even get one of the units?

Could this launch get any crazier?

Probably, as the next week is likely to show us all!

Rene Ritchie

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