iPhone and iPad gifts for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is coming up fast, and if your lover loves their iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad, you're in luck, there are some fantastic device, app, accessory, and media gifts to thrill them and score you major brownie points. Whether you're romantic enough to prepare well in advance, or if you're scrambling to stay off the couch, sit back and get your groove warmed up -- Rene and I decided to do a little written ZEN and TECH this week and help you pick out the perfect Valentine's Day gifts for your special someone.

Dream devices for the person of your dreams

On the off chance the love of your life doesn't yet have an iOS device to call his or her own, that's a great place to start. An iPod touch can be the perfect travel or exercise companion. An iPad can entertain and inform at home or away. An a iPhone can keep you both in touch no matter where you are. And Apple TV is perfect for all the couple movie classics.

And hey, if you're in a long distance romance, just wait until they discover FaceTime.

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Awesome accessories

If your significant other already has their iOS device needs met, then accessories are your next best bet. There's something about a tangible gift -- something about receiving a gift, opening it, seeing and feeling it for the first time. It's... real.

There are a ton of great iPhone and iPad accessories to choose from. Here are some of our favorites.

Case-Mate Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case for iPhone

Year after year, Case-Mate melts my heart with a shiny, sexy case for the iPhone and this year is no exception -- the Barely There Brushed Aluminum Case is simply spectacular. As always, it's light as a feather, extremely low profile, and the finish is fabulous. Girls will love the heart red or stunning silver, guys the basic black. Both will appreciate the aircraft-grade aluminum inlay, gunmetal hard shell, and awesome good looks of the Barely There Brushed Aluminum.

$29.95 - Buy now

Pad & Quill Little Black Book for iPhone and Contega for iPad

Little Black Book Valentine's Day

Little Black Book's are usually reserved for hot little numbers, and Pad & Quill's take on the classic is no exception -- it wraps your high tech iPhone in old word craftsmanship. It fits both the iPhone 4S and iPhone 4, it's precision cut and framed from Baltic Birch, covered in Italian leather, bound in book cloth, with an extra pocket inside for credit cards or ID. If pink is your thing, Pad & Quill is offering the Little Black Book in just that special edition color, just in time for Valentine's. If not, they have a rainbow of other colors to choose from, from red to blue and everything in between.

Contega brings the same hipster vibe and quality construction to the iPad with even more features, notably a fold-up stand to make it easier to type or just watch your movies.

$54.99 and up - Buy now

Jawbone JAMBOX

You put down your wine glasses, take each other's hands, walk over to the dance floor, hold each other close -- and hear the tiny, tinny sound of your iPhone's speaker. Grrrrr. Jawbone's JAMBOX makes up for Apple's still disappointing audio with the best Bluetooth sound ever. It's rich. It's deep. It'll keep you dancing until dawn.

$179.99 - Buy now

8-Bit Dynamic Life Shirt

These light-up shirts from Think Geek will normally show two-and-a-half glowing hearts. But when you and your special someone come together, your heart bar glows full and you power up. Get one for yourself, one for your love, and whenever you're together, your shirts will light up.

$17.99 - $24.99 - Buy now

Amazing apps

You know if there's an app for just about everything, a large portion of those just have to be for love! Whether you're deeply in love, trying to keep the home fires burning, or still trying to kindle the flame, there are most definitely apps for all that.

Romantic apps

If you're already in a relationship, especially if you've been in one for a while, and you need or simply want something sexy to spice up your Valentine's day, the App Store has plenty to offer.

$1.99 - iKamaSutra

Interlude: A romantic rant

We looked for more apps we could recommend, but frankly most of them looked terrible. The icons were horrible, the screenshots were horrible, and the reviews were horrible. We're long past the time lazy, opportunistic "developers" should be able to put out junk and make money off iPhone and iPad users. This should be a good market. There should be a great developer who can make a gorgeous looking, fabulous working dice game, spin the bottle, truth or dare, or something -- anything -- else for adults who simply want to have some fun. Take this as a challenge -- by next Valentine's Day, have some amazing stuff in the store for couples!

More apps

We offer up what we think are simply the best apps day in and day out here at iMore, just because it's Valentine's doesn't mean you need to get a Valentine's specific app. Sometimes something thoughtful, something that shows you've listened, learned your significant other's interests, and found them something delightful is the way to go.

Online dating apps

If you don't happen to have someone special this year, if you're still searching, it's never too early to get ready for next year. Why not harness the power of your iPhone and iPad? Many of the popular online dating sites have apps in the app store, and since our lives are increasingly mobile, there's no reason our love lives shouldn't be as well. (The apps are usually free, as is browsing, but there are typically fees associated with messaging.)

Free - eHarmony

Variable - More online dating apps{.nofollow}

Last minute gift ideas

If you're reading this with only minutes to spare before your special someone comes to the door, or comes downstairs, all hope is not lost. In addition to the apps listed above, all of which can be bought in an instant, there are also several sweet services and certificates that are yours to be had, only a few clicks away.

Netflix, Hulu Plus, Slacker and other subscription

Netflix, Hulu Plus, Slacker and other subscription

You'll be stuck watching romantic comedies, chick flicks, or something racy, but you won't be stuck on the sofa or the dog house!

iTunes, App Store, iBooks gifts and gift certificates

If romance is still fresh and new and you don't want to risk gifting the wrong app or iBook or iTunes music, you can get them a gift certificate. Don't just hand it over, however. Take their hand and go online shopping with them!

Amazon gift certificates

Amazon has a ton of digital content all there own, but they also have old school media -- paper books, plastic CDs and Blu-Rays, games that come on cartridges... Gift certificates let your special someone pick just exactly the goods -- real or virtual -- they want, and Amazon will deliver it straight to the door or the device. Again, shop with them!

Your Valentine's gift ideas?

Did we miss any of your favorite Valentine gift ideas, past, present, or future? Anything that especially made your heart melt or soar or skip a beat? Please share in the comments!


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