iPhone to iTunes Wi-Fi sync app rejected by App Store, finds home in Cydia

No shock: Apple has rejected that nifty Wi-Fi sync application that was submitted for the App Store. Good news is, it's now available via Cydia for any jailbroken iPhone for $9.99. Engadget contacted the developer by phone and here is his rejection explanation.

"While he agreed that the app doesn't technically break the rules, he said that it does encroach upon the boundaries of what they can and cannot allow on their store. He also cited security concerns."

If you need to have this app and don't know a thing about jailbreaking be sure to stop by our jailbreaking forum for all of the information you will need.


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  • I think I will use a cable for free anyways if it has to be on the same network as the computer. But that doesn't make since is it's the same concept as the wireless mouse u can use on ur iPhone which works off wifi pretty much the same way but apple let that go through to the app store???? So it still has the same security threat as this app does
  • I'm guessing apple has some plans for this. If they're claiming 'security' as an issue then they'll implement wifi syncing in a way that will use their prefered encryption protocol. That or they're just being jerks.
  • Anyone used this yet? Curious how well it works and how slow it is.
  • This would be nice to sync pictures, maybe a few songs without the cable, the ones I have usually stays next to my night stand and in the car, I guess I need to buy a third one for mini.
  • ditto, if its a lot slower than the usb cable I'm out, but if its just as fast or not much slower I might be interested, really like the idea of wireless sync and the whole "same network" constriction is removed when I figure out how to VPN in.
  • It's definitely a lot slower than USB sync. It drains your battery pretty bad too.
  • It would take 5 hours to sync anyway.
  • This dev is an asshole. Check out his posts over on xsellize. Threatening "crackers" who are just "trying" his app before purchase.
    Dont buy his garbage. Its too slow anyways.
  • Of course it doesn't technically break the rules. Apple has no rules, only caprice.
  • @ anon keep ur negative post to ur self! Ofcourse as a dev I'd be pissed if someone was "trying" steal his app. This is a great idea an based on ur bias commnets bet u havnt even paid da 10 buck for it yet sit here n say it's slow. Don't b a hater cause u can't get this app for free!
  • the dev was a moron for opening his mouth. will just make people more inclined to crack it.
  • I don't understand why people would even want this.
  • Me either josh , especially for 10 bucks. Will probably be in os 4 anyways. If anything bluetooth sync would be halfway decent.
  • An app that is able to delete and add your iTunes stuffs like music like movies is oviously breaking some kind of security to Apple and maybe they are righ. I wouldn't pay 10 buck for something that doesn't offer me anything new. When it goes 3g well be talking
  • I decided to take the plunge.
    iPhone 3G (802.11g device)
    Apple Airport Extreme N (running in g/n mode)
    Apple iMac Core 2 Duo with a 100Base-T connection to the Airport Extreme
    WiFi sync works fairly well. You still get the "Syncing" Lock screen, so you can't really do anything else while it is syncing.
    What is nice about this set up is that I can have the phone in any room in my house and run a sync.
    I didn't do any benchmark for the time it took to sync, but it didn't see too bad for the files i was sending (a few songs, some app updates, and the backup process).
    Hope to see this work on the iPad soon
  • If iPhone was OEM-delivered WiFi-sync I'd be looking for a cable to speed things up, keep secure, and charge.
  • Why would I do this. Is plugging in a cable to much these days. What's the difference if I plug it in or do from my couch 10 feet away. Man people are lazy.
  • Two things:  This app will really be something special if/when it either autosyncs when phone is in range and charging ONLY, or allows user to set a time to autoinitiate sync. Either option would be phenominal for users that charge their phone overnight in a room other than the one they keep rhe computer in.  I am not a coder, so i have no idea if this is impossible to accomplish...but those features are would make this a killer app. 
    Second:  From the developers webpage:
    "A warning about pirated copies of Wi-Fi Sync: the app contains a variety of time delayed anti-piracy measures. Steal at your own risk; make sure your iTunes library is backed up. Legit paying customers are not affected by these measures.". 
    I understand frustration with pirates, but Im not sure a threat is the right way to go from a business perspective. I dont like the idea of buying something that may be one bugged line of code from borking my data.
    Its like saying "Buy this car!  Its got a bomb in the trunk, but dont worry, the bomb only goes off if someone tries to steal the car!". Im not comfortable with a bomb in the trunk, regardless of how "safe" it is. 
  • Don't you just love it. Doesn't break any of our TOS but we don't care we're not letting it through just because we can. That's apple for you.
  • People are getting lazy now. Besides it might drain the battery... What if it doesn't recognize the device ... And with cable it's FREE AND IT CHARGES YOUR PHONE.
  • Is it possible to wirelessly teather a blackberry storm to a non-eg ipad? Thanks TD from MT
  • Hi!
    Have tried this app and love it!It´s so simple so sync you calendar or make a quick backup of your phone before you leave the house. I have always a computer up and running with iTunes on and the desktop app connected. I start the app 5 min before leaving the house and when im leaving my iphone is freshly backtup and ready to go!
    10/10 if you ask me :)
  • No doubt the same people with the negative responses toward the app would be singing its praise if it was released in 4.0 and funtioned exactly the same. Calling people lazy because they would rather sync wirelessly? Stop being such tools.
  • I'd prefer Bluetooth syncing, but if Apple can absolutely positively say that their own WiFi method is secure (providing they do this of course) I'd use it.
  • Is it possible to wirelessly teather a blackberry storm to a ipad? Thanks TD from MT
  • I just downloaded it and tried it out. I love it. Its not about fast...its about me not having to be connected to my laptop. Great job.
    I synced an episode of South Park to my my mac mini thats connected to my TV without having to get my cord that i left connected in my car. I also didnt have to get off the couch to go plug in my phone. Now im watching it via Boxee on my TV. in the same seat. Lazy? yeah...but im winning! lol
  • The pirated versions have nothing wrong with them. It does not kill your itunes at all. If it detects a copy it shows up with a page like this in your web browser http://www.getwifisync.com/nag.html
    You are using a pirated copy of Wi-Fi Sync
    Wi-Fi Sync is the result of many painstaking months of work by one developer. I need your support to continue developing this awesome app, so please consider purchasing a legit copy from the Cydia Store.
    I sincerely hope that you enjoy the app and decide to purchase it.
    — Greg Hughes (Developer of Wi-Fi Sync)
    This message will appear once for each unauthorized device. Upgrading to the paid version will immediately disable this message and any in-app advertising.
    Also there is no in-app advertising what so-ever
  • BUYER BEWARE - Do NOT expect ANY support from Greg Hughes if you encounter any problems with his Wi-Fi Sync software. I purchased the Windows version of Greg’s Wi-Fi Sync software and attempted to install on several PC’s with the same results “application failed to start”. I submitted a friendly trouble ticket on Greg’s support site over a month ago and Greg has made NO attempt to respond. A second trouble ticket also went unanswered as did a request for a refund. PayPal will only assist if the software was purchased via EBay, not Cydia. Jay Freeman of Cydia also didn’t respond to my email requesting assistance. BUYER BEWARE!
  • This has been cracked on at least 10 repos 
  • Why don't you link to the relevant information and not to other posts on your damn blog? God that's spammish and frustrating. I didn't click the cydia link looking for your opinion of cydia, I clicked it looking for a link to the cydia app you're talking about.