Now before you get too excited let me just off by saying this jailbreak is not for Apple's latest hardware, iPhone 3G S. This is only for the iPhone 3G or iPhone 2G running the 3.0 software.

Now with that said, the Dev-Team has released the proper tool for Mac OS X users to jailbreak your iPhone 3G's running 3.0, PwnageTool 3.0. Be warned, if do not know what you are doing, don't attempt it!


blockquote>This is the low down on our tools for use with the 3.0 firmware from Apple, read the whole post in full before attempting anything. Because of some bugs and unexpected changes this will be a multipart release, starting with the release of PwnageTool for Mac OS X. QuickPwn for Mac OS X and Windows will follow sometime soon, please don’t bug us about it, we are working flat out to get everything finished to release them.

So there you have it folks, more and more jailbreak options will be available to you in the near future. Sit tight and be patient.