UPDATED: iPhone OS 3.0.1 Now Available Via iTunes

Update: Gizmodo received a statement from Apple regarding the 3.0.1 software update:


blockquote>We appreciate the information provided to us about SMS vulnerabilities which affect several mobile phone platforms. This morning, less than 24 hours after a demonstration of this exploit, we've issued a free software update that eliminates the vulnerability from the iPhone. Contrary to what's been reported, no one has been able to take control of the iPhone to gain access to personal information using this exploit.

ORIGINAL: Apple has just went ahead and dropped the iPhone OS 3.0.1 software update for all users to grab directly from iTunes. Still no mention on Apple's site (opens in new tab) of what exactly this update includes besides the patching of the recently discovered SMS vulnerability - just don't expect much of anything else except for the possibility of some potential bug fixes.

Updated yet? Notice anything new? Not going to update? Let us know in the comments below!

As with any update from Apple, if you are currently running the 3.0 software jailbroken, do not update if you wish to keep your device in it's current state. Updating will break your jailbreak.

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  • "has went"?
    Updating now, will post later.
  • not worth it, 280 mb download and install for a tiny patch. I'll wait till 3.1
  • @icebike, maybe it's a Chicago thing... ;)
  • didn't even look to see it was 280mb... That's not cool for just a patch. Maybe it was a big problem?? Downloading now.
  • worked fine... at least i know my iphone wont be hacked by some punk out there !
  • I was told Apple wasn't 'doing nothing' about this issue.. how can there be an update???? /sarcasm
  • Downloaded alright, no problems. Just SMS Patch fix nothing new I don't think...
  • I don't know if this is important or not, since this is the first time thru the update process with notifications, but just to be on the safe side, I've turned them off for the duration.
    I just got a badge notification, an SMS, and a call while my phone was backing up, prior to installing 3.0.1, and that set me to worrying.
  • @icebike, I thought about that as well. Usually I turn off my radio before an update... hope all is well.
  • @Caballera:
    Doing something would, in most people's opinion, have meant the patch would be in place before the Black Hat presentation. It took Android two days. It took Apple 6 weeks, and public embarrassment.
  • No need to download, I would like to see what Apple and AT&T would do if the entire technological world shut down because someone hacked into my Jailbroken iPhone. No honestly theres no need to download and ruin my Jailbreak, ill take the risk like I have for the past 3 years with no issues.
  • @icebike exactly... What I meant by doing nothing was they hadn't released anything, said they were working on it (which they prolly wouldn't), or said anything about it whatsoever. Which is exactly what I said yesterday. Anyway it's all over now. Well at least it will be over when the jailbreak comes out.
  • @icebike, Doing something is doing something, there's no other pretenses to it, either they are doing something or their not. Obviously there have been doing something.
  • Does this update disable the tether mode hack on AT&T, as was discussed a couple of weeks ago?
  • @Icebike
    Huh? Apple didnt just slap this together overnight, it was obviously being worked on for a minimum week or 2. I see no embarrasment, they exploited iphone, Android, and WM.
    I dont know the programming differences between iphone and Android, but this is obviously a WHOLE OS package meaning it was more difficult to compile than just a 100kb patch file.
  • While I can understand people need the patch I NEED my phone to be Jailbroken so I will wait until 3.1 comes out. If Apple would enable a toggle to turn 3G and Edge off and on then I would be going full steam for this.
  • ok i kno this might have nuthing to do with this convo but when i was finished downloading everything it said i had a application update?? i clicked on update through my fone... and it said that i need to get on the computer to update??? ok so now that im on the computer i dont see where to update the application at??
    sorry im still kinda learning stuff on this fone and i dont wanna have to pay for the APP again
  • @kimsu19
    It took Google two days, with an OS designed for multiple hardware configurations. Apple certainly could have put this together overnight, and, if they could not, that is a consequence of their own design decisions, and they certainly deserve to be called out for it.
  • @klmsu19:
    it was obviously being worked on for a minimum week or 2.
    [citation needed]
  • I'm going to pass on this one. I like my tethering and my jailbreak.
  • @Bre Bre:
    If you haven't been using your iTunes regularly, you may have missed an Itunes update as well.
    So that might have been what it was talking about.
    Go into Itunes and check for update, and if found, applay that update first, then plug in the phone to see if it will update the phone software.
  • Can someone post a direct download link for the 3G. My iTunes keeps crapping out on the download.
  • I fully understand the Jailbreakers bailing on this update.
    In fact, it doesn't even matter if most people skip it, because the mere fact that it was released and (presumably) works to prevent the sms attack will remove any incentive to try mass exploitation of this security flaw.
  • @dev
    youre not understanding, theres a time differnece to prepare a patch vs compile a whole new OS revision. Difference in platforms, theres nothing you can do about it.
    there is no citation, its common sense a whole mobile OS revision isnt compiled and released in a day without testing. Nor does coding take a day. Its a pretty common sense guess.
  • No updating for me. The hack isn't public either, nor do I have info that I'm worried about.
  • Downloaded fine....but AT&T needs to hurry up with SMS sheesh!
  • Can't they learn how to patch? Another 40 minutes of my life gone to reinstall everything again...
  • Will updating this patch reverse my unlocked and jailbroken iPhone 2g currently running OS 3.0?
  • Is there an mms update?
  • @Tony:
    Book Mark this page:
  • @icebike Done. THANKS!!
  • @klmsu19:
    Android experience suggests this takes two days, patch, test, and release. Done!
    So assuming apple programmers are only 1/3 as smart as Google programmers it should have taken them no more than 6 days. Compile time: 3 hours, maybe 6 hours since they have to use Mac hardware. (My quad processor does a whole linux kernel compile in 1h:27m flat).
    But if we assume the Apple programmers are top notch, as all the fanboys tell us, and we assume the Mac hardware is top notch (it just works), it means that:
    Go ahead: Prove me wrong. The data, sparse as it is, is on my side.
    Now sincie
  • @icebike citation needed for your statement about them patching on Monday.
  • @Carl:
    Citation was in the message you responded to.
    It was deductive reasoning based on Android response time (2 days), vs Apple response time (6weeks).
    Like I said: go ahead and prove me wrong.
  • @Carl:
    Further proof Apple didn't even start working on this till Monday or later:
    In a statement, Apple said, "we appreciate the information provided to us about SMS vulnerabilities that affect several mobile phone platforms. This morning, less than 24 hours after a demonstration of this exploit, we've issued a free software update that eliminates the vulnerability from the iPhone.
    Yet, the exploit developers told Apple about this and showed then how to do it 6 Weeks ago.
  • @icebike
    you still arent listening. Theres a HUGE differnce between a small file for a patch and a WHOLE OS update. This is like compiling a 150kb security patch from Windows Update vs recompiling XP with the patch. Big time difference.
    Second, youre quote proves nothing for time frame. It says they released the patch and how "quick after the demonstration" they did so. Says nothing about when they began working on it since by your own volition, theyve "known about it for 6 weeks"
  • @klmsu19
    There's a HUGE different between someone who runs large development organizations that deal with tons of products, schedules, releases, and you.
    A small patch does not require an OS recompile, under anything other than a ridiculously contrived scenario (interface update to a library included directly by every other piece of the OS).
    The fact that Apple can't figure out how to deploy patches, and instead chooses to re-flash the operating system for every fix is certainly their choice - but has nothing to do with "compiling" anything.
    Your constant harping on how Apple has to "recompile" the whole OS, compared to Google - you're constant ignorance of the difference between 2 days and 6 weeks - really, you're just looking like a moron to those with a clue.
  • Apple HAS known about this from before 2.x iPhone OS. They built it in! It's how they deleted the Orwell books! It's called the Apple Killswitch. Look into it if you doubt me. Search Apple Killswitch.
    This patch is not to close that open window. It's to move the the whole window to another wall. Apple is not just going to walk away from remote control of said devices! They are also hiding behind an illegal user agreement to keep this "illegal right" to keep aforementioned open window into your device. Hence the great big pile of lies that is the latest official statement on jailbreaking. The only thing true on that whole list is that clever hackers can use a jailbroken iPhone to hack into things. The rest is lies!
  • @bob
    Since you have to speak to people like a 15 year old and call them names your credibility has been ruined and nothing you say shall be taken with any hint of validity by me at this point.
    Grow up and learn how to speak to people you disagree with instead of flaming like a little child
  • Fixed all my messed up app icons! That was worth it alone!
  • Finally, why does everyone care who released what first?
    Show me ONE phone in the wild thats been hacked by this? NONE
    So who cares, this isnt a pissing contest. They both were patched before ANYONE was affected. End of story.
  • @Klmsu19:
    First I've been in software development all of my adult life, so don't tell me how long it takes to fix two or three modules out of a system, re-compile that entire system, and make it available in binary form.
    The time estimates I used were from real life experience with systems FAR larger than 280megs.
    Over the years I've had to routinely applied custom patches to Linux SCSI tape drivers, recompiled the entire Linux kernel and driver stack to obtain a customized kernel, and distributed it to 13 sites via ssh. The entire process, start to finish, including coffee breaks, took less than 1 day.
    Second, the "how quick we did it" self congratulatory back-patting by Apple is clearly, obviously, transparently, ass covering, carefully phrased for the mainstream press (and other gullible people) to hide the fact that they basically were FORCED into rushing out this new release by the announcement of the Black Hat conference presentation.
    They CLEARLY didn't take it seriously. They CLEARLY dismissed the entire thing. If they had fixed it in a timely manner the presentation would never had taken place.
    How do I know? Because they could have had this out a week after being told about it if they wanted to. Miller had reported the bug to Apple on June 1.
  • Is it just me but my 3GS is a little faster now now waiting for apps like world war....
  • @Klmsu19:
    Show me ONE phone in the wild thats been hacked by this? NONE
    The fact that Miller and Mulliner are stand up guys, and Did the RIGHT thing by telling Apple ahead of releasing the methodology should be small comfort to any thinking person. Would the Russian mob or spammers have been so forth coming?
    Security DOES matter.
  • @klmsu19
    You're the one who appointed yourself software development and distribution expert to school the forum about how OS's are "compiled" and delivered. Hence, you are the one making the assertions that need to be defended.
    It does not take 6 weeks to compile a modern OS. A relatively fast desktop computer can build LFS or any other source-based Linux distribution in a matter of days, at most. OS X on the iPhone is much smaller.
    OS's do not require a complete recompile to address a vulnerability in one part of the included application software. This is an elementary concept to anyone with experience in software design or development. You don't even need to be an OS expert.
    Distributing a complete OS image for every minor patch is a (foolish and unnecessary) choice Apple made as a cop-out to building a real and robust patch management system.
    The fact that Apple neglected to deliver a patch until after the exploit was demonstrated publicly, and they had egg on their face, is a relevant point - and is the real point behind this discussion, despite your desire to attack the strawman about "who was first."
    I didn't call names, I characterized behavior. Your continued allegiance to bad information makes you look like a moron. Presumably you are not, so you are advised to educate yourself before continuing to chastise others out of ignorance.
  • OMG apple did the job now lets end this... I had a nokia N95 on orange uk try and get updats with them LoL 1 week 6 weeks more like 1 yr so all in I am very happy with O2 and apple!
  • @SRH
    Apple did not do the job. The job is "release timely updates to serious security exploits as soon as you become aware they exist."
    The job is not "ignore serious security holes until knowledge of them becomes mainstream, and people are conducting seminars complete with demonstrations of how to hack your platform."
    The fact that Apple did NOT "do the job" is the point of this discussion. The fact that Apple acted exactly like Microsoft in sitting on their hands until after their name was mud and they had to do SMOETHING to save face speaks volumes about their corporate ethic, and is the salient point of the discussion.
  • @SHR:
    Is it just me but my 3GS is a little faster now now waiting for apps like world war….
    You might be on to something there!!
    The AP News App was unusably SLOW. (so much so that its Push notifications were useless). Its MUCH faster now.
    The Google Voice Search feature of the Google APP was totally BROKEN since OS 3.0. You could hold it up to your ear to speak into it, but it would never sound the tones or accept your spoken search terms. Gawd I missed that.
    It too is fixed. (Google had stated on their help site that the bug was in OS 3.0, and not the Google App.).
    There is more in this update than JUST the security patch.
  • Well I updated. Luckily it wasn't like the past updates. It was pretty quick and I didn't have to do a sync after to get all my content back. Non-jailbreakers I would say go ahead and do it. Only took me 3 minutes to download the file and under 10 for it to install and it was done.
  • @icebike LOL you've been a 'developer' all your adult life and you don't know what 'in the wild' means? klmsu19 clearly stated show him one example of someone 'in the wild' that has had their iPhone hacked. You can't cause it hasn't happened and now the patch has been released. Keep back peddling.
  • i downloaded it and i am installing it now.. it was almost 300 mb download
  • Just did mine, took about 10 minutes for the install.
    Everything is where it should be and running smooth.
  • Yeah, what a tiresome thread. Some people
    just like to whinge. No one was hurt, no one was hacked, the patch was fixed, Charlie Miller had another 5 minutes of dubious fame on the blogosphere. End of story. Yawn. Move on.
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, Icebike is a troll and an Apple hater and I cannot figure out why he bothers carrying an iPhone. There must be another device/forum that he would find more suitable. All he does is come to TiPB to bad mouth Apple, the iPhone, and anyone who defends. them.
  • Can anyone tell me if Cydia has an FM receiver app? None of the app store apps have the ability to listen to broadcast FM/AM. Is that a hardware issue with the iPhone? There used to be an add-on piece that connected to the bottom of the iPhone/iPod, but that no longer is sold. I'm hoping a developer brings out an FM/AM app.
  • klmsu19:
    Charlie miller didn't just find the security flaw, he told them how to patch it. Apple didn't have to do any work at all to patch it. And the size of the file has nothing to do with it because it includes the whole OS not just the patch.
  • This will prolly fix the whole empty messages thing....no???
  • Another thing I've noticed is that my IM+ reconnections are way WAY faster. Bordering on instantaneous.
    I wonder if Apple made some networking fixes as well.
  • I downloaded it and it has increased my battery life significantly. I have been tweeting, on facebook, making calls, youtube, and using the ipod for going on 3 hours now and I still have 100% battery life.
  • What reason is there to upgrade? Because Apple thinks Saurik will hack all iphones causing them to detonate.
  • Can anyone authoritatively confirm or deny whether the 3.0.1 update disabled the AT&T tether hack or not? I'd like to do the update but don't want to lose that.
  • That's it! I'm hacking everyone's iPhone who refuses to update it!
  • @Bob, good point. I think that they recompile the entire OS is that SMS probably has some tied to the baseband code which is probably deep into the iphone OS kernel. If it is just another app, it would be stupid for Apple to redo entire OS just for the SMS fix.
  • @cmartin09
    did it really improve battery life or are you kidding?
  • I think i am holding off on this update, i dont wanna mess up my mms hack functioning on my 3gs
  • 230 MB for a SMS patch? Come On! Apple is not that friggin' inefficient. The have to rewrite the entire OS? There must be more to this than we are being told so far...
  • I made the mistake trying to update from Windows XP.
    The update gave me error 1602 and the iPhone locked up.
    I was only able to reactivate from an Apple Mac computer.
    And when I went to restore, I could not restore my application data. The applications reinstalled, but the backup apparently would not include the data. So now I am faced with a big setup process to get everything back like it was.
  • I doubt Apple had to rewrite the entire OS for an SMS patch, but perhaps their update process does not allow them to apply firmware updates in such a fine-grained fashion. Alternatively, perhaps they snuck in other changes, or perhaps iPhoneOS itself is so monolithic that you cannot change a small component without having to rebuild large portions. Who knows? All we know is:
    1) This specific issue is patched. Good.
    2) It took six weeks from notification of this vulnerability for Apple to deliver a fix to their customers. Not so good.
  • RTFA: http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2009/07/apple-patch-sms/
  • Guys, stop worrying about the size of the patch. Its not the most advanced, or efficient but it might be the most reliable and easiest to implement on a device of this power.
    Its always been this way, and it will probably remain so for the foreseeable future. Get over it.
    The Good news is there is MORE than just the SMS fix in this release.
    So Far I have found:
    1 IM+ reconnects almost instantly. No grinding away and then popping up a failure notice.
    2 The Google App which failed to work for Voice search unless you pressed the little mic icon now works again when you hold it up to your ear
    3 Fring has stopped asking to use my GPS every minute
    4 My wireless connections don't lose their passwords (yet anyway).
    5 My wifi jumps on my local router way faster.
    I can't see any battery problems either.
    I think there were significant improvements to the TCP stack in this version.
  • my iphone tried to update but it wouldnt back up or update and instead gave the the message: 'itunes failed to backup as 'eds iphone' was disconnected. even though it was plugged in, i can also sync fine. it just dosnt back up. any suggestions :S im worried my iphone is unfixable...
  • Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
  • I don't know if its just me but also, aside from the sms patch is that you can no longer redeem in itunes, you have to go to the app store.
  • http://twitter.com/iphone_dev/status/3060777282
    Early adopters have found that redsn0w JB already works on 3.0.1 (just point it at 3.0 IPSW!) Even for 3GS & ultrasn0w.
  • I think I'm 3gs is much faster
  • @icebike
    I think it's ok that you come on TiPB and speak freely about your opinions this is "The iPhone Blog", not "The let's talk about why apple and the iPhone are so wonderful and amazing Blog".
    There are SEVERAL THINGS WRONG with the iPhone and it's software but I STILL LOVE IT. if people never said anything about the negative side of things, nothing would ever be fixed. The only thing I don't like is when people talk smack about a blog, ON the blog. That's retarded. Debating is ok as long as it's intellectual and worth our reading time.
  • My 3g seems to somewhat snappier too. The CNN app is loading faster than it did before.
  • AT&T & Apple need to explain publicly why they did this. My guess it is all about the ability of the network to support the increased traffic from free feed wireless networking. The downside here is they are probably going to go to more restrictive caps, or ramp up tier pricing.
  • I updated my iPhone last night and I don't really see any other fixes. But um glad that they fixed the SMS problem cuz I do a lot of banking and other stuff that I don't really want anyone hacking my iPhone
  • I been running 3.0.1 for about a day now and the only thing I've notiest is that when your watching something on the phone and u rewind it will fade that audio.
  • I've noticed that my 3G signal seems to be stronger now while I'm inside my office bldg. Before it was EDGE but with a one or two bars...today it has been maintaining a strong 3G signal inside the bldg..Outside never was an issue...could be coincidence...but thats all I've noticed so far since updating to 3.0.1
  • WARNING: This update may cause your text messages not to arrive at their destination. I noticed that some of my text messages were not going through suddenly. Rogers has confirmed this is a known issue and that Apple Engineers are looking into it.
    I suspect the update is the cause because everything worked fine before, and I only started having problems after I updated.
    If you are in Canada and wish to find out about the status of this, call Rogers iPhone Technical Support and quote Master Ticket number WSFR11912
    Anyone else notice this problem?!
  • I DL'd this update and it killed my ability to add music using MediaMonkey. MM says Apple changed the encription in order to keep the "bad guys" from syncing, etc. If I had known that was going to happen, I wouldn't have DL'd the update.
    On another note, it takes an average of 4 hours for my voicemail to arrive after a caller has left a message. Is anyone else experiencing such nasty lag times? Got any solutions?
  • I did the update and now I have no service anywhere I go. Apple here I come
  • This update fixed my 'Unable to connect to network" wifi problem that I've seen a number of other users complaining about.
  • Updated wife's phone and it bricked the phone error 14. Going to apple store today. Can't restore on multiple computers.
  • Anyone else pissed because all of your apps stopped working?! I updated.. and now nothing works! come on!! All the apps I use on a daily basis are now dead..
  • As odd as it seems (and with only a couple of days experience testing it) the battery life in my 3G does appear to be improved.
    Jailbreak is also just as straightforward with Redsn0w providing you have the 3.0 ipsw.
    JT5: There is no way that an FM/AM "app" is possible. IPhone doesn't contain the necessary hardware ie a radio reciever.
  • I to have found a much higher increase in battery life after applying this update, i'm on 5:49hours usage which is exceeding the advertised iPhone 3g battery usage time
  • When I attempted to install the 3.0.1 update my iphone stopped working, will have to take it into the store to get it fixed. Ack! I expected much more from apple.
  • Hey does anyone have a proper link with instructions to jailbreak the new 3.0.1, I saw one on youtube but I am afraid of trying it.. Let me know, Thanks :)
  • Phone wouldn't even power up after I loaded 3.0.1, rebooted ph and now I can't synce it with Itunes and all ALLL my apps are gone as well as all contact info>
  • it deleted my Cydia after i updated to 3.0.1 =(
  • i want jailbreak my i phone 3g its fully updated with 3.0.1 7A400 pls any body help me thanks
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