iPhone Risk: Belgium 3G Bound?

Another day, another iPhone International rumor, this one from Ars Technica (via astel.be) pegging the iPhone 3G to arrive in Belgium sometime between May and June.

Quick check of the scorecard, should this be true:

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 EuropeNorth Am.South AmAsiaAfricaOceaniaAntarctica

Says Ars:

The report indicates that Belgian carriers Proximus, Mobistar and BASE are putting together special iPhone data packages which should include compatibility with the Visual Voicemail feature as well as unlimited data transfer. It's also noted that an exclusive deal like the one Apple has with AT&T in the US would violate trade laws in Belgium.

And a quick recap, as the lineup continues to grow with Italy, India, Singapore, the Netherlands and Mexico, and Australia also in the running for the next great iPhone release.

Who's your money on?

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