iPhone SDK: No iPod Access for You!

Macnn/iPodnn (via The Inquirer) reports that unlike CoreLocation, which gives access to the Google Maps-like location-based services, Apple's new iPhone SDK will be providing absolutely no access to iPod functionality or the onboard iTunes:

Any functionality related to music playback is inaccessible by the iPhone SDK, a new report claims. While the SDK allows access to many other functions of iPhone and the iPod touch, such as dialing, the camera and Internet access, The Inquirer writes that any components connected to iTunes are off-limits, preventing developers from accessing one of the most popular features of the phone

While this could be an anti-competitive move meant to keep VLC off the iPhone -- or to protect consumers from the horror that would be RealPlayer Touch... -- it may also cripple any Guitar Hero, Rockband, or iPod-style Phase gaming. (Unless Harmonix and other big game developers like EA are granted that oft-mentioned "special dispensation"...?)

Did it used to about the music, and Apple's now telling us to just "sl@g off!"? Or are you happy they're keeping developers' tone-deaf mitts off your shiny (i)tunes? What do you think?

Rene Ritchie

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