iPhone support is coming to Novell GroupWise!

Alex Evans, GroupWise Product Manager has announced in his blog that the ActiveSync protocol is coming to GroupWise in a future update. What does this new native support mean for iPhone users? Well, it means that you will be able to sync your GroupWise calendar and contacts to your iPhone via the Exchange conduit (located under Settings-->Mail-->Add Account). This is truly exciting. ActiveSync is quickly becoming the mobile sync standard for devices and businesses that do not have or cannot connect to a BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES). Of course, there is the variable of your IT supporting this feature, but it is still a reason to rejoice! I recommend sending this article to your GroupWise Admin staff to inform them of the update :-)

For those of you not using and iPhone, this also means you can sync to on supported devices too, such as the Palm Centro, Palm Pre, Palm Treo Pro and other Windows Mobile devices and Symbian OS.

Finally! I can haz groupwise sync!

(via GWcheck)

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