iPhone Todo List Syncing Comes to iCal

Been looking for a way to sync todo's with iCal? Well now you can with the recent beta from Appigo. Appigo Sync (opens in new tab) is their new tool to sync your Todo (opens in new tab) tasks with iCal via Wi-Fi on your local wireless network. The tool syncs calendars, but not your contexts, tags, etc. So you can't add them in iCal, but they are still viewable on the iPhone app. 

This is really exciting news for anyone looking for this type of syncing. Personally, I have moved beyond Apple's todo's and use Toodledo (opens in new tab) for my task purposes and Appigo's Todo just happens to do over-the-air syncing for free with that site; even on EDGE. However, if you still use iCal's todo feature, this just might be your killer app!

If you are a Windows user, Appigo says they are working on a Windows/Outlook syncing tool as well.

(Via TUAW (opens in new tab))

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  • Yeah the only problem is the iCal sync with Appigo is a disaster of a program. It doesn't work. Plain and simple. Give me working software and I'll pay money.
  • Same problem. Just paid 5.99GBP for it and it will not sync my todos on ical. My ical syncs with corporate exchange and has hundreds of todays but appigo sync goes through the motion and nothing. Nada.Mmmm not good.
  • freaking greedy bastards know that high demand for a TO DO LIST... BUT in order to centralize it, very difficult
    main reason i bought iphone - to organize my life
    it revolutionized my life and many aspects from work, daytrading, calling friends and family using skype while deployed
    BUT i am freaking pissed off because i just want a sync-able TO DO list i can sort by priority... even something simple like iCal's/apple Mail TO DO list... BUT this is not available yet
    their used to be a way using an IMAP account and it would sync to iphone if you had it set up, but doesnt work anymore...
    WHAT THE EFFFF i just want to sync my to do list
  • found an answer yet for the for the sync of the ical\mail TO DO list?
    please let us know.
  • Take a look at task management programs for the Mac that sync with iCal and also have apps for the iPhone.
  • dope publish is dope fo actual