When it comes to working from home, iPhone bests Android-based devices

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Working from home has become the norm for millions of hard-working employees around the world. For those new to the work from home concept, you might be wondering which is the best mobile solution, iOS, or Android. Over at our sister site Android Central, Joe Maring has come to a conclusion long embraced by Apple users. It's iOS and iPadOS over Android, of course.

There are lots of reasons Apple's mobile devices best their Android counterparts in this regard. Though often criticized by non-Apple users, it's the company's "walled-garden of an ecosystem" approach that positively differentiates the two, according to Maring.

His favorite Apple tools are the Universal Clipboard and Handoff. The former makes it possible to copy something on your mobile device and paste it on your Mac, and vice versa, while the latter lets you start a task on one machine and finish it on another.

Maring also focuses on select third-party apps that are available on both iOS and Android. The apps mentioned, Airtable and Concur, "are more nicely laid out on my iPhone than they are on the Pixel 4."

He continues, "You'll find this to be the case for a good handful of applications, and as someone that uses their phone as a tool for getting stuff done, having access to the best and most polished apps possible is a big deal."

Looking forward, Maring believes Google's decision to more closely align Android and Chrome will make a positive difference and improve integration between the two operating systems, at least in the long-term. Until then, he's sticking with his iPhone (over his Pixel 4 XL) for work use.

Lots to see

As someone who has owned nearly every iPhone ever released and is also a long-time Mac user, I naturally have a built-in bias for all things Apple. However, I can appreciate Maring's comments also as someone who also owns a Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, and have had other Android-based devices in the past.

Since the beginning, Apple has always produced hardware and software. Only recently has Google slowly done the same. However, its hardware footprint is limited to a few Android-based Pixel handsets and its successful Chromebook lineup. At the same time, the top-selling Android device manufacturer remains Samsung, not Google.

For anyone working from home who needs more integration than an Android-based mobile device can provide, the water at Apple is nice and warm. Don't just take my word for it, one of my favorite Android experts says so too!

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