iPhone X review by MrMobile: Great, but not grand

By this point, you probably know that the iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone Apple has ever offered — and you might also have heard that it's the best iPhone the company has ever made. Both of these things are true. The question, then, asks itself: is Apple's best phone actually worth a thousand dollars?

I'm not one for keeping folks in suspense — and I've got a pretty good idea you've also read the headline — so I'm just gonna come right out and say it: no. I've flown from one side of this gadget world to the other, and I've seen a lot of crazy devices. But I've never seen anything to make me believe that any smartphone is worth crossing the four-figure barrier for. Not yet, at least.

The crazy thing about the iPhone X, though? It's such a beautiful piece of technology that I want it to be worth what Apple's asking. And to those who say "damn the torpedoes" and open their wallets for this thing, I'm happy to report that you're getting a helluva phone for the price ... even if it doesn't pack a fast-charger in the box. For the details, dive on into MrMobile's iPhone X review, and then be sure to check out Rene's insanely detailed iPhone X review here at iMore so you get the full report on all the stuff I left out!

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