An iPhone 14 Max? It could have been

iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus
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It seems Apple was close to naming the upcoming iPhone 14 Plus the "iPhone 14 Max" instead. The change must have happened late in the process as iCreate recently discovered. The Dutch blog found two instances where the company used the other name on its website. 

The first instance occurs on an online support document where every iPhone is mentioned. When you right-click the image for the iPhone 14 Plus, you'll see it's named "iPhone-14-Max-colors." 

The other error is listed on an EU regulatory compliance page. Instead of iPhone 14 Plus, the page shows "iPhone 14 Max." 

Last minute change?

"iPhone 14 Max"

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Although there won't be an iPhone 14 Max this year, maybe we'll see an iPhone 15 Max in 2023. 

According to recent rumors, Apple's expected to retire the "iPhone Pro Max" name beginning with the iPhone 15 series, calling its larger premium Pro handset the "iPhone 15 Pro Ultra." This, coupled with today's news, suggests Apple is moving away from the Max name altogether. At the minimum, it could slowly migrate its top-level products to the "Ultra" name. 

Currently, Apple offers an iPhone 14 Pro Max, and there are M1 Max chips in the 14- and 16-inch MacBook Pro models and the Mac Studio. The last of these, however, also offers an M1 Ultra chip.

"iPhone 14 Max"

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The iPhone 14 Plus replaced the iPhone mini series this year. The 6.7-inch handset is identical to the flagship iPhone 14, except for its size. Unlike that model and the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, the iPhone 14 Plus won't be released until Monday, October 7. Pre-orders for the new handset are currently being accepted.

The iPhone 14 Plus is available in five colors: (PRODUCT)RED, blue, purple, Midnight, and Starlight and starts at $899 in the U.S.

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