Apple tap-to-pay for iPhone comes to the Netherlands

Wix tap to pay showing two iPhones
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There’s now a new way to pay for things with your iPhone in the Netherlands, as Apple brings its Tap to Pay standard to Dutch merchants. Tap to Pay allows you to use your iPhone to pay for goods and services without the need for a separate device on hand, only another iPhone.

It’s supported by loads of banks, from Revolut to Rabobank, so millions of businesses both small and large can benefit from the standard. 

A new way to pay in the windiest country

The payment standard is almost like the democratization of contactless payment. No longer do you need an expensive extra device in order to accept contactless payments, and instead you can use a compatible app on an iPhone to take payments from customers. It will work with contactless payments from other phones, but also from credit and debit cards with contactless chips in them.

Apple says that it’s “working closely with leading payment platforms and app developers across the industry to offer Tap to Pay on iPhone in the Netherlands.”

It’s a standard that’s been available in other territories for some time, but its introduction into the Netherlands will make life easier for a wider range of businesses.

Roelent Prins, Chief Commercial Officer at Ayden said in the Apple release that “Tap to Pay has already proven to be a game changer in the US, [and] we are now excited to be among the first to bring Tap to Pay an iPhone to our home country - the Netherlands.”

Tap to Pay is only available on supported payment platforms, so, businesses of the Netherlands, make sure your platform works before you offload all those contactless card machines. App developers are able to use SDKs to add compatibility and the number that support Tap to Pay grows daily, so it’s likely that many will be able to use it.

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