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The iPhone 14 Plus is a big device, with its 6.7-inch display. That puts it at the same size as the iPhone 14 Pro Max, although it's less expensive because it doesn't have all the fancy 'Pro' bits inside. Instead, this is for the user who wants a massive phone but doesn't want all of the raw power that the Pro Max provides. Now, you can get one for free in this incredible Verizon deal.

If you choose one of the Unlimited data plans to go with your new phone, Verizon will give you the iPhone 14 Plus for nothing – netting you one of the best deals ever on the larger flagship from Apple.

iPhone 14 Plus for free

Free iPhone 14 Plus at Verizon

Free iPhone 14 Plus at Verizon

Choose your color, and then you're good to go – you can get an iPhone 14 Plus for nothing from Verizon until May 9. That's for the 128GB model – if you want more storage, you're going to need to pay. You can add other deals on as well, so you could also net a new watch and iPad as well.

It's a really easy deal to get this one: Head over to the iPhone 14 Plus product page on the Verizon website, where you'll find the deal has already been activated. That means all you have to do is hit continue, choose a data plan, and then get going for your free phone.

Remember that it's just the device that is free here – you're still going to need to pay for your data. Extra bonus, however: You can also get a free Apple Watch SE and a 9th gen iPad with the deal box sitting on the iPhone 14 Plus product page. Just press 'add', and the website will walk you through the rest of the steps. This is just one of some of the best iPhone 14 deals out there.

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