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iPhone 14 Pro colors: Which should you buy?

The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max will arrive in stores on Sept. 16. On launch, both of these models will be available in four sleek colors, all of which are beautiful in their own right. There's Space Black, silver, gold, and a brand spanking new Deep Purple to choose from. With this in mind, there's a color for everyone out there, no matter your tastes and preferences. Here's a little bit about each color to help you decide which one to get, if you're having a bit of trouble settling on just one!

Four subtle and sleek colors for everyone

Find your iPhone 14 Pro color

Though Apple always goes with more muted colors for the Pro lineup, the iPhone 14 Pro is looking to be the greatest iPhone so far with the lineup of Space Black, silver, gold, and Deep Purple. Though it has one less color than the regular iPhone 14, there is still a color that suits everyone.

If you’re like me and need the newest color to show off that you have the latest phone, or just like something different, or perhaps purple is your favorite color, then go with Deep Purple. Those who want a neutral option should go with Space Black if you like darker tones or silver for something brighter. And if you like to get fancy, go gold.

Also take into consideration the kind of iPhone 14 Pro case that you will be going with, if any. Especially if you are thinking about a clear case with a particular design on it, those would look best on light-colored iPhones like the silver or gold. That’s not to say that they won’t go with Space Black or Deep Purple, but it may be harder to see. But you can always color-coordinate your case to go with your chosen color too!

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