iPhone 14 colors: Are you yellow, starlight, or midnight?

All the iPhone 14 colors currently available, including blue, yellow, red, black, starlight and purple
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There are some incredible iPhone 14 colors to choose from when you buy one. With its release, Apple offered shades it had never put forward before. There are six options in all with each suiting a different aesthetic. Different from what we saw with the iPhone 13 series, some colors moved from the Pro line down to the standard iPhone 14.

Predictably given how Apple does things, the sixth color came later than the others, arriving in March 2023. Apple announced the new yellow iPhone, a kind of pastel yellow with warm, lemony overtones. The company often seems to update its colors around the March mark. Previously, we saw the Alpine green shade on the iPhone 13 Pro in 2022.

Apple iPhone 14 in yellow

The brand new yellow iPhone, a love-it or hate-it new hue for Apple's flagship phones. (Image credit: Apple)

Besides yellow, iPhone owners also have the choice of midnight (black), starlight (white), blue, purple, and Product RED. Midnight, Starlight, and RED all come back year after year with the iPhone lineup. Product RED devices always raise money and awareness for health emergencies. Apple states it has contributed more than a quarter of a billion dollars across 16 years of partnership with the Bono-backed Red organization, helping provide life-saving treatments to people living with HIV.

Color can be a tricky part of the decision making process when upgrading, regardless of what you've settled on in terms of storage and specs. Given the dilemma, we're here to help by laying out the colors still available for the 14 series, and what could come later this year.

If you've decided to ascend to the Pro line, you'll find the iPhone 14 Pro colors decidedly less fun: black, gold, silver, and purple. (We think Deep Purple could be the one.) All of them are in a darker, muted shade, but it's the exclusive purple color that looks fantastic here.

Six pastels of iPhone 14 colors

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What came before?

iPhone 13 Mini Family Colors

The five colors available for 2021's iPhone 13 family of devices. (Image credit: Apple)

Looking back at the iPhone 13, the same lighter shade remained, but with some differences. There was a darker blue and pink color, while March 2022 saw a green shade arrive. Since then, iPhone 14 has replaced two of those with light purple and an even lighter blue. When March 2023 hit, we saw a stylishly vibrant yellow which was a lot different from the green of the year before.

Still, it seems like Apple wants to keep the color differences of the Pro line just enough different that you can tell which colors are for which models. 

For anyone upgrading from the iPhone 12 or before, you get six all-new colors that are much lighter.

What colors does the iPhone 14 come in?

The iPhone 14 comes in six different colors:

Yellow, Midnight, Starlight, (PRODUCT)RED, Blue, and Purple.

What colors did the iPhone 13 come in?

The iPhone 13 came in six colors as well:

Pink, Green, Blue, Midnight, Starlight, and Red.

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