iPhone 15 leak reveals a design upgrade we were all expecting

Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro
(Image credit: Apple)

In a video of someone holding a selection of iPhone 15 front panel glass, it appears to confirm something that's long been rumored to be the case with the upcoming iPhone models.

They all feature the camera and sensor cutouts at the top of the screen for Dynamic Island, one of the biggest features of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max.

Shared on Twitter by reliable leaker ShrimpApplePro, the video sees three front panels, one for the iPhone 15 Pro Max, one for the iPhone 15 Pro, and one for the iPhone 15. The video shows a hand that is holding all three panels, showing the back of the panels as well.

iPhone 15 to get Dynamic Island

The video makes for an interesting watch, as you get to see how Apple hides all the sensors behind the main pill at the top of the screen. There's a semi-transparent, almost reflective film that covers the rear of the pill, presumably helping to give the black finish it needs on the front to mix with the software side of the Dynamic Island.

The video itself doesn't show us much else new about the screens, as the bezel size seems to remain the same since the iPhone 14. Neither does it show us much of the new beveled edges that could be coming to the new iPhone, although it's likely those will start after the screen has reached the edge of the device.

The biggest news is that it looks like all models will receive the feature. Seeing the Dynamic Island come to even the cheaper best iPhone could mean that Apple plans to make this a mainstay of the iPhone line, iterating with each device. At the moment, Dynamic Island remains a cool idea that doesn't really do quite enough to justify its existence.

There are already rumblings however that Apple might ditch Dynamic altogether by the time the iPhone 16 comes around. That would make sense why it doesn't have many new features since we first saw it last September.

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