Play your iPhone like a Switch with this awesome gaming controller deal

GameSire X2 Lightning Game Controller for iPhone
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With Apple Arcade, Xbox Game Pass (xCloud), and so many other places to find games on iPhone this little Apple device can become quite the gaming center. Of course, playing certain games is much easier if you have a reliable controller to use. Fortunately, right now one of our favorites, the GameSir X2 Lightning, is on sale with one of the best iPhone game controller Cyber Monday deals going on today. 

With it in place, you can turn your iPhone into more of a Nintendo Switch setup for comfortable gaming. 

GameSir X2 Lightning Mobile Game Controller for iPhone | (Was $60) Now $48 at Amazon

GameSir X2 Lightning Mobile Game Controller for iPhone | (Was $60) Now $48 at Amazon

Place your iPhone onto the Lightning dongle and then the spring pulls either side of the controller together. The controller doesn't have a battery as it pulls power right from the iPhone. Don't worry. There's also a pass-through charging port in case you want to charge up your iPhone while you play. 

With its simple design and clickable buttons, this controller is a great accessory for any iPhone owner. In my GameSir X2 Lightning review, I talked about how it's very sturdy and responds well to button presses without any latency issues. All of the buttons you need are there including bumpers, triggers, and a turbo button with three modes. The controller even offers vibration for compatible Apple Arcade games, games on Xbox Game Pass (xCloud) for iOS, or other games and services that support tactile feedback. Installing and removing an iPhone is a synch too, so you can jump into pseudo-Switch mode or back into phone mode super fast. 

An extra perk of the GameSir X2 Lightning is that it comes with a hardshell carrying case to keep the controller protected in transit. Most other attachable game controllers don't do this, so this is really nice. If you're looking for ways to enhance your iPhone gaming experience this GameSir X2 Lightning controller will do the trick. 

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