iPhones set to get Delta game emulator as Apple approves app for third-party app store distribution

Delta on iPhone playing a SEGA Genesis game
(Image credit: Future / Apple)

Popular retro game emulator Delta is going to be easier to download on iPhones, as Apple earlier approved it for distribution on Apple's best iPhones via Alt Store.

Since iOS 17.4 was released, iPhone users in the EU can download apps from third-party app stores, and even set them as the default app store on their device. Alt Store, which has been popular to sideload for years, is officially available to download now. And Delta is going to be available to download via Alt Store soon. The emulator's developer, Riley Testut, shared on Mastodon that Apple approved the application for distribution.

To download Delta, you'll need to use Alt Store, as the app won't be available in Apple's App Store. However, Apple recently allowed retro game emulators in the official App Store, so we might see Delta make its way there as well.

Retro gaming on your iPhone

Delta offers an impressive roster of retro consoles to emulate, supporting a veritable who's who of Nintendo classics. We're talking NES, SNES, Nintendo 64, Game Boy through to DS. The UI here is clean, intuitive, and makes showcasing game artwork a priority.

Controller support is one big attraction for Delta. Whether you're team PlayStation, Xbox, or have a soft spot for MFi controllers, Delta welcomes you with open arms. Bluetooth keyboards and custom button mappings? Check and check. Customization is where Delta goes above and beyond. You can add a personal flair to your controller, or even swap out game artwork.

And there's some tech under the hood to power Delta. It can fast-forward through the slow bits, save your progress, and the Delta Sync feature can save everything to the cloud. Ever got tired holding down a button for ages? Delta's ingenious "Hold Button" feature has your back, keeping those digits free for more critical gameplay moments.

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