Original 2007 4GB iPhone sells for $190,000 at auction, setting new record

Original iPhone in hand
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Apple has been an industry icon for a long time now, and as such its older products are now worth a lot more than they were at launch. Apple's vintage products go at prices that are much higher than the original price tags. Case in point — an original iPhone from 2007 just sold for over $190,000 at an auction.

We had recently reported about this auction, which had four original iPhones up for grabs. The rarest of them all was a 4GB iPhone from 2007, which sold for a total of $190,372.80. The four iPhones together were expected to fetch close to $200,000, but this one 4GB model has managed to get close to that figure, breaking all previous records.

Four original iPhones fetch close to $265,000

The auction was held by LCG Auctions. The four original iPhone models listed included the original 2007 iPhone with 4GB of storage, an original 2007 iPhone with 8GB of storage an original a6GB iPhone added in 2008 and a European model of the original 2007 8GB iPhone, locked to O2.

With the auction having closed now, the original 2007 4GB model fetched $190,372.80. It's a rather rare model, given how it was discontinued due to poor sales in less than three months from launch, making for extremely limited circulation. That means that a sealed one is perhaps the hardest iPhone to find, today, which explains the high price. The previous record selling price for one of these was around $63,000. In contrast, it cost $499 at launch.

The 8GB model from 2007 went for $53,725.20, since it's rather rare as well, although less rare than the 4GB model. The 2008 16GB model sold at a modest $13,789.20, while the European model fetched the lowest price of the four, at $7,075.20. All in all, these four iPhones raked in nearly $265,000 together. 

Of course, Apple's best iPhones today cost a lot less, but these vintage sealed iPhones are collector's items that are well worth the price for the right buyers.

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