That massive Verizon iPhone Black Friday offer is back - with a new lick of Christmassy paint

iPhone 14 Verizon deals
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It's back! And ready to give you around $1900 worth of free stuff with your iPhone. That's up to $1000 off an iPhone (from the 14 up to the Pro Max) with trade-in, an Apple Watch SE for free, a 9th Gen iPad for free, and a pair of Beats Fit Pro for free too. According to Verizon, that's around $1900 worth of free stuff, including the phone if you get the max trade-in amount.

$1900 worth of free stuff when you buy a new iPhone at Verizon

To get this monster deal, you are going to need to jump through some hoops - but it is oh-so worth it. To get the deal, you'll follow these steps:

  • Go to the iPhone of your choice on the Verizon website (It has to be one of the 14 models)
  • Locate the first trade-in deal button, and fill out which iPhone you'll be trading in.
  • Now you'll see more deals windows - go with the Apple Watch window first, they disappear if you choose the beats first.
  • Choose an Apple Watch SE in the color and size that you like - you may have to pay a little for the bigger size, but you can get a 40mm for free. The price of the watch is removed once it's in the basket - don't worry about the price on the product page.
  • From the basket again, choose the tablet deals button.
  • Add-in the 9th Gen iPad - same thing as with the Apple Watch, the price will be removed when it goes into the basket, so disregard the price on the product page.
  • Now add in those Beats
  • Once you've added the extras, head to the next screen, where you'll have to go through how much you'll get for your trade-in. Don't worry too much about the price it says here - by the final basket you'll see the full amount.
  • Now you select the contract - you'll need to go with one of the 5G unlimited options to get the best deal here.
  • Then it's the contract for the Apple Watch - while you won't pay for the device, you'll pay for the cellular contract.
  • Now you'll need to choose your iPad contract - like the Apple Watch you'll pay nothing for the device but you'll still need to pay for the data.
  • The final basket shows you nearly the final price - you'll notice that the Beats Fit Pro aren't yet free. Verizon will reimburse you once you're all joined up.
  • Phew, all done!
Up to $1900 of free stuff at Verizon

<a href="" data-link-merchant=""">Up to $1900 of free stuff at Verizon

That's a lot of stuff - an Apple Watch SE, an iPad and a pair of Beats Fit Pro to go with $1000 off a new iPhone with trade-in of an eligible device. This deal was last seen over Black Friday - it was a corker then, and it's corker now too.

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