This is how Apple's Ajax LLM will improve your favorite iPhone features with AI, including Siri

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We already know that AI is going to be a big focus for Apple this year. iOS 18 is set to be announced at WWDC 2024 on June 10 with a huge focus on AI features – which will reportedly be powered directly on-device by Apple's Ajax LLM. In true Apple fashion, we expect the tech giant to demo these features rather than just announcing then. And it looks like the focus will be on improving existing iOS features rather than new AI ones.

AppleInsider was given more specifics on how the Ajax LLM will be used. The primary focus will be improving existing iOS features rather than creating new ones. Apple’s aiming to make our daily iPhone usage a bit more seamless and a lot smarter. We can expect features such as Safari summarising articles, Siri simplifying messages, and Spotlight search results that actually make sense.

What to expect from Apple's Ajax LLM

Starting with Safari, Apple’s expected to roll out an Intelligent Browsing feature that’ll make it easier to consume content online. When you’re browsing online, instead of wading through walls of text, Safari would offer you a neat summary of the key points. This feature, driven by Apple’s AI, would sift through keywords and crucial info to give you the gist without the fluff.

Then there’s Siri, which is set to receive a much-needed AI boost. Integrating deeper with Messages, Siri will soon be able to summarise conversations and generate responses that cut through the noise. Spotlight Search is also set for a revamp, becoming smarter and more intuitive. Whether you're searching for adorable kitten pictures or trying to locate an old email, Spotlight's AI enhancements promise to deliver faster, more relevant results.

Thanks to Apple's Ajax LLM, all of this would happen on-device, keeping your data private and secure. By handling a lot of the AI processing on-device, Apple’s ensuring your data doesn’t go wandering off into the cloud, reducing the risk of leaks and breaches.

From generating basic on-device responses to analysing and summarising texts, Ajax is shaping up to be a robust AI companion. More complex tasks might still require a bit of cloud muscle, but for day-to-day tasks, Ajax’s on-device prowess is set to shine. All eyes will be on Apple at the upcoming WWDC, where we expect these features to make their grand debut.

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