Why this week is the worst time to buy a new iPhone, even if you don't want iPhone 15

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This week, Apple confirmed the news we’ve all been waiting for, the date for its next event. On September 12 at its ‘Wonderlust’ offering, Apple will unveil its brand new iPhone lineup for 2023 and beyond, the iPhone 15

While savvy tech users and early adopters are likely well attuned to the cadence of new iPhone releases, to the wider public this news might come as a surprise. It might even pass them by altogether. That’s why we’re here to let you know that under no circumstances should you buy an iPhone right now. Here’s why. 

The iPhone 15 is coming. A new iPhone unveiled on September 12 will likely be available to pre-order that same week, probably Friday, September 15. The official release date will almost certainly be the following Friday, September 22. iPhone 15 Price info indicates that big price rises could be on the way, but the new iPhone announcement should also bring with it price changes across the entire lineup, which is why you should refrain from buying one right now.

Not an early adopter?

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Even if you don’t want the iPhone 15 or iPhone 15 Pro, Apple’s current best iPhone, the iPhone 14, is going to see a shift in its pricing come launch. Apple almost always reduces the price of its “outgoing” iPhone model with the release of a new one. For instance, last year’s iPhone 13 got a price drop when the new model came out in September. Apple might make a modest price drop of maybe $50-$100, but carriers will likely have a field day trying to flog iPhones to anyone who will buy them over the next few weeks. 

The only exception

The only iPhone that is technically “safe” to buy right now is the iPhone SE, which won’t be replaced either at the September iPhone 15 event or anytime soon. However, even then, consider that you might be able to get a slightly more expensive, but far more capable phone by waiting for the price of something like the iPhone 11 or 12 to drop instead. 

So, until September 12, hold your horses on buying your next iPhone, and be sure to tune into our Apple event coverage to find out exactly what Apple unveils and how that will impact the price of its existing iPhones.

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