Here at the Providence, RI Mall, the halls are filled with lost souls as of 5:45 am, wandering in a state of limbo, unable to queue up because of a short security guard with delusions of importance. Nevertheless, Randyman was kind enough to kick our local line off with the following photo, Will was here at 3:45 am, and the other 6 us are alternately sneaking around the halls or sitting here in the parking lot, waiting for the overzealous security guard's wristwatch to read 6am.

How's your line going?

5:58: Well now, we managed to get lined up a whole three minutes early! Mr powerful is claiming I can't take photos in front of the stores and is now hovering about our line of 20 people to make sure we don't start a pre-iPhone-riot. We're a dangerous-looking bunch, I tell ya.

6:20: Mall Security hijinks continue, we've moved a full three feet to get in line within between stanchions. More photos from the rest of the TiPb team coming soon!

6:35: Gentle Apple Employees give us RI line waiters free water:

6:40: Chad reports that the Kentwodd Towne Center in Cincinnati, Ohio has the same sort of overzealous security guards that I encountered here. They haven't opened the mall doors yet and there are around 50 people milling about outside. Chad, though, he's a TiPb'er, which means he found the back way in. WTG Chad!

6:50: They're handing out cards now detailing all the stuff we already all knew about what we need in order to be able to activate in the store. Apple store employees are chatting us up regularly now, they seem as excited as we are. My favorite security guard has read the writing on the wall as our line approaches 100 people and disappeared. OOH, they're giving away coupons for free coffee at the local shop -- though said shop isn't open yet.

7:15: The official count as of this time per the Apple guy with the clicky widget: apparently classified. We're guessing around 175, with a side of a dozen or so at the Mall's AT&T store.

7:20: DANG! Chad reports that that the Apple folks at his store have brought out demo units and are letting folks play with them as they wait in line.

7:30: Ocala, FL checks in with around 30 people in line:

7:40: Cinci's getting long!

...Alright, folks, my line is getting restless, time to close up the laptop, stand up, and pace a bit. Our unboxing, hands on, and much MUCH more coming up soon!

Here's a bit more: Jeremy says the Michigan Avenue line (Chicago, we presume) is only about 80 people (he's 35), not bad at all. Update: This is what happens when you assume things, Jeremy updates:

  • Chicago is blocks long! Sorry for confusion. Orland park store where I'm at is about 200-250. I'm 35 here*

Frank writes in from Chelsea:

This is about 1/4 of the way in! Line stretches one full city block (ave to ave) and there's the maze setup amusement park style just before the entrance to the store. Developers are solicting the line with postcards for their apps - pretty cool vibe but it could very well be a four hour wait!

And lastly, yes, even our neighbors to the north are in on the action, though clearly all the Rogers brouhaha has dampened numbers. Rene -- all alone!

The "Final Update" means that, yes, I'm back in my room and mixing down an unboxing video and photos right now!

Alright, we can't resist one more. Here's Brian's view from Salt Lake City: