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What you need to know

  • A new concept imagines what an iPhone SE Plus could offer.
  • The concept is a sort of an iPhone 11 crossed with an iPhone SE crossed with an iPhone 12.

Concepts of phones that are set to be announced are always fun, but you know what's funnest – that's still not a word, Apple – of all? Concepts of iPhones that will never see the light of day. Like this iPhone SE Plus.

The current iPhone SE is very popular thanks to its relatively small form factor and low price. But what if Apple made it bigger. And added some of the features we've seen from the more costly products like Face ID and MagSafe?

And then added something we haven't seen on any iPhone yet in the form of Touch ID built into the sleep/wake button.

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Sounds pretty sweet, right? It looks it, too.

The iPhone for everyone. Introducing iPhone SE Plus. Say hello to the Liquid Retina display, powered by the industry leading A14 Bionic chip, ultra secure with TouchID on the Power Button, takes stunning pictures with the new wide-angle lens, opens a new way of possibilites with MagSafe, iOS 14.5 out of the box and even more...

Unfortunately, as great as this looks it's just not going to happen. Not least because there's little chance of Apple squeezing all of that tech into something that needs to retail for around $399. At least, not yet. Who knows what Apple will get around to launching in the next few years?

Until then, can I humbly suggest picking up the current iPhone SE and slapping one of the best iPhone SE cases onto it? You do want to keep it looking as good as possible for as long as possible, right?