iTunes 8.2 Release = Consumer Crash Log Boom to Developers

When iTunes 8.2 debuted in prerelease form (for developers running the iPhone 3.0 beta firmware), one of the more exciting features from the back-end perspective was crash logs being made available via iTunes Connect.

Well, Hassan from Inside Redbox Mobile reminded us that, with iTunes 8.2 going into general availability -- and into the hands of consumers -- developers now have access to the full range of crash logs from their full base of installed customers. Bug. Fixing. Goldmine. (See the Inside Redbox Mobile crash log report, above.)

From the consumer standpoint, the information looks to be as anonymized as anything else sent from iTunes to Apple -- Genius info, for example -- and in exchange for sharing, users will likely get more stable apps.

Sounds good to us!

[Thanks Hassan!]

Rene Ritchie

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