UPDATE: MacRumors is saying they have good reason to believe these images are, indeed, fake...

Boy Genius received some more screen shots of what's alleged to be iTunes 9, showing a Samsung YH-J70JL Black -- of all things -- purportedly syncing with the front end of Apple's media management empire. jumped on this to ponder out-loud if Apple was having a change of heart regarding locking out Palm's previous attempts to spoof an iPod ID and sync with iTunes on the down-low, and will now allow non-Apple devices access. TiPb, however, can see this playing out in only 3 ways:

  1. The screen shots, or that specific feature at least, isn't real
  2. The 'verse gets rebooted, Star Trek-style, and Steve Jobs ain't in it.
  3. Jobs is going nu-cu-lar and will allow every device except the Palm Pre to sync with iTunes.

Option 3 looking the most likely at this point?