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iTunes 9 Now Available for Download

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Sure, iTunes 9 leaked on... iTunes mere moments before Apple's It's only rock and roll, but we like it special music event got underway, but now you can have it -- not just look at it. Hit up Software Update, and if that still shows the old 8.1.2 version, go directly to (opens in new tab) and get your groove on.

New features include:

  • In-iTunes App Management (YES!)
  • Improved Syncing Options
  • Genius App Recommendations
  • Genius Mixes
  • Share via Twitter and Facebook
  • DVD-style Extras
  • New, Redesigned Store

And no, you don't need iTunes 9 to download iPhone 3.1... but you know you want it!

More pics after the break!

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  • The sad part of this is that i am still waiting on 3g where i live.
  • The new itunes looks really good and the new features are great. Though i will never pay that much for a ringtone, especially when there are so many free programs like iringer, garageband( with ilife)...ect
  • Installing it now...
  • "iTunes requires Safari 4.0.3 or later to be installed to use with the iTunes Store within iTunes."
  • 9:58 am Great insightful post. I never ohgutht that it was this straightforward after all. I had used a great deal of my time looking for some great mind to explain this matter clearly to me and just did that. Thanks a lot! Stay awesome.
  • @Dustin: Me too...
  • Like the sharing part. Makes up for the ringtone greed which is really a nonissue since i don't care about them.
  • I never understood why iTunes took so freakin long to install. I hope it runs snappier than iTunes 8...
  • HUGE shoppin cart GONE! BAD MOVE APPLE!!
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  • Why does the iTunes installer kill Firefox (and it can't even be restored from previous session)? WTF?
    Also, why does my friggin iPhone have to be plugged in to choose what apps get synced? Apps should have checkboxes just like songs.
  • I really like the app organization. The iTunes interface is much snappier too. Now to try this home sharing ...
  • Installed iTunes 9. It promptly demonstrated that it doesn't know that my iPhone is connected. Ever. Any ideas?
  • ok i just updated to the new itunes... and now its saying itunes is not properly installed and that i need to reinstall itunes... ive dun that like two times and i get the same message!!!! omg.... so should i remove itunes and install it again?? or will that de-authorize my computer?? i dont wanna lose all my music
  • Am I missing the "Genius App Recommendations" Somewhere?
    Not seeing any such thing in iTunes 9--unless the device needs to be updated to 3.1, which doesn't make even a little sense.
  • Installed iTunes 9 on Snow Leopard and not it says “iTunes requires Safari 4.0.3 or later to be installed to use with the iTunes Store within iTunes.” I already have 4.0.3 installed - now what?
  • They added playback controls in the window previews that pop up on the taskbar of Windows 7. Nice small feature for anyone using Win7.
  • ok i just updated to the new itunes... and now its saying itunes is not properly installed and that i need to reinstall itunes... ive dun that like two times and i get the same message!!!! omg.... so should i remove itunes and install it again?? or will that de-authorize my computer?? i dont wanna lose all my music..........
    but it itunes still pops up and when i plug my phone it says "itunes require a newer version of Apple Mobile Device Support. Please uninstall both Apple Mobile Device Support and iTunes, then install again"
    wtf does that mean??? and i already down loaded 3.1 update before goin to the new itunes .....
  • For people having problems after installing iTunes 9, did you restart your computer after installing? Mine told me I should, so maybe that could cause problems if you tried to run it without restarting your computer.
    I'm also not seeing the App Genius feature. I eventually got the Genius Mixes after I force-updated my Genius results, but still no App Genius. I'm still on 3.0.1; don't know if it matters.
  • i did all the things it asked and its still not workin =( i dont wanna remove itunes and reinstall it.. wont that mess upp my music and stuff?? and i dont think it matters if you dont update to 3.1 yet
  • @Muero Yes, I restarted the computer afterward and it still didn't work...
  • how the hell do you get to app management.....
  • you click on applications in your device settings where the iphone is
  • I just downloaded and installed the newest version of iTunes onto my computer (version 9.0), and whenever I try to open it, it says the following message:
    Apple Application Support was not found.
    Apple Application Support is required to run iTunes. Please uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again.
    Error 2
    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck. What can I do? I am using Windows Vista and everything is up to date on the computer. Help, please!
  • I can't find the Facebook / Twitter integration.
  • i cant find the app managment i looked under the application tab but it just has sync apps? can you not manage them with a iTouch?
  • sloooooooooow DL
  • I have been trying to figure out this problem all day!!! My iTunes keeps on saying "iTunes has stopped working" and closes as soon as I open it but when I use it from a different account on my computer it works but there is no music! WTF?! Please fix these bugs!
  • I can't even install iTunes 9.0, the update prompts lead me to the service agreement, click agree, then goes back to install options??? Round and round in circles I go...
    Am fully up to date with everything else... Arrrgh!
  • Re: Genius App Recommendations: Looks like this is on-phone only, and thus requires 3.1 firmware. Bummer.
    Tricky bastards..
    Thanks TiPB for touching on this in your 3.1 walk-through:
  • I'm in the same situation as Travis, now my iTunes is borked.
    "I just downloaded and installed the newest version of iTunes onto my computer (version 9.0), and whenever I try to open it, it says the following message:
    Apple Application Support was not found.
    Apple Application Support is required to run iTunes. Please uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again.
    Error 2
    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck. What can I do? I am using Windows Vista and everything is up to date on the computer. Help, please!"
  • On Windows 7 RC, iTunes 9 seems to run and acknowledge iPod Touch if you right-click on the iTunesetup.exe icon and run the Program compatibility first. My first install would not recognize the ipod and the second didn't install properly. For now, Compatibility Mode seems to work.
  • iTunes store will not work! keeps saying i need safari 4.0.3 but i already have that version
  • After updating my itunes and iphone I spent a hour organizing my apps. I then went to sync my phone and in the middle of the sync I got an error saying it could not sync. And all my apps disappeared from my iphone.
    I then reopened itunes and all the apps are out of order ( so why did I spend 1 hour organizing my apps).
    Right now i can't sync :(
  • I got exactly the same problem..please help.!!!
    "Apple Application Support was not found.
    Apple Application Support is required to run iTunes. Please uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again.
    Error 2"
  • I updated to iTunes 9 via the Apple Software Updater, I am using Windows 7. iPhone not recognised. Read others suggestions of restart, well that just stuffs me right up. Now the laptop wont even boot up at all. Damn it!
  • Help me please :(
    I try many time to install itunes 9 in my windows XP but it's dosn't install at all ,,
    i try to download it again 2 times and still dosn't install after message appear preparing for install then all the installation process is not work :(
    plz help
  • Got the down load yesterday. I could not sync my iphone properly. All my music and podcasts are gone. I got a message about lack of space on my phone. A had 2gigs a free memory on a 16 gb iphone 3G. I mean its all gone including my ring tones. If i hit the iTunes buton on my iPhone it get a message that says something similar to "no files in itunes". WTF? I'll try to sync again on monday.
  • Well I re-installed XP just before updating to 9 thinking that I could copy all my content from my phone - no - instead it crashed halfway through syncing and wiped all of my iPhone and I've lost everything :-( Now my computer won't recognies that my phone is ever connection. Any suggestions anyone?
  • I also have tried 3 times to download iTunes 9.0 and keep getting error messages. It will appear to be verifying, configuring and installing and then when it looks like it's almost at the end of the installation, I get an error message. How long should it take to download when it's actually working properly? When I go to to try and figure out if I'm doing something wrong, that site takes forever and a day to load. I guess I'll have to wait it out. Should have known better to try after an updated version was just released. There always seems to be problems in the beginning!
  • When I try to go to the itunes store it shuts down itunes. Tells me Itunes has encountered a problem and needs to close. I have tried all day to fix. Nothing I try works.
  • Sorry using Windows XP. It seems Safari is the problem.
  • I try to download and install iTunes nine from Apple's website and also try to grade it. but every time I install iTunes 9. iTun8 comes back up. what's the deal. is iTunes9 really ready for download?
  • 9 seems a bit quirky. I installed it on one pc (with known OS issues, just don't want to format and start over right now) without a problem except somehow it re-charged me for the songs purchased a year or two back. I'll fight that issue out over the phone. Next, installed it on a Netbook w/o any problems and synced up to the first pc easily. My wife's PC was a different matter. Her's was a notebook that I had just replaced the HD, loaded XP and the zillion updates on a few weeks back. After installing itunes9 she tried to import some songs off a CD and it came up with a "Serious error occured" and closed itunes out. Uninstalled, rebooted, re-installed - same thing. By now she was a little bit terse over this new version so I decided to do a system restore to the day before 9 was installed. System Restore won't work now (and that was one of the better features of XP). Finally found ver8, re-installed it and her itunes and ipod are happy again. I don't think she'll be anxious to try 9 for awhile now.
  • Downloaded and installed Itunes 9. Now my Iphone (3G) will not sync. It doesn't even show up as a connected device. I was able to synch successfully prior to Version 9 installation. What gives?
  • I downloaded and installed Itunes 9 now my touch wont do anything, pc dont recognise it, itunes tell me the ipod is in recovery mode but wont restore it, left it doing that all night and nothing. WTF is this all about, getting through to apple support is impossible so now have a 6 month old ipod touch which does nothing.....dont understand but nano works ok no problems
  • I have the same problem as most of the ppl here. everytime i open itunes it just closes on me and when i use run it says quicktime isnt installed but ITS RIGHT THERE!. Helpp :(
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  • I am having the same problem as everyone else installed 9.0 and it is saying application support not found. How do I fix this have reinstalled four times
  • odd. i like the new itunes, but for some odd reason, instead of saying "itunes" at the top of the taskbar, it says "itunes 1". what the hell?
  • just installed new software for Iphone, and now I lost everything, it says to restore phone, and it won't even do that- giving me error message and seeing only the plug into itunes picture on my Iphone...First problems with iphone 3g, my first generation was just fine!!!
  • Although I like the new iTunes 9.0 and, luckily, haven't experienced the software problems listed above (yet!) I am disappointed that on the main music view page, the list function differs from previous versions in that if you list by "Album by Artist" (the way I prefer to see my music listed, as it used to go by artists, then artists albums listed in release date order, then by disc number, then finally track number) then all double albums and box sets become listed purely by the track numbers whereas they would previously list by disc number then track number. This means that all track 1's play first, then 2's etc, stupid! It's annoying that to play through a box set in track order I must change to the grid system now whereas all was fine previously!! Grrr. Please, if someone from iTunes is reading this, get the programmers to re-set it!
  • Travis and Joffff:
    Install Winrar. Locate the itunessetup.exe file on your computer, right click, open with winrar. Locate the apple application support file (it will be .msi), double click, and should launch the installation, and finish the job.
    If not. Well. HAH good luck?
  • ... these are the same issues since Itunes 7..
    and I'm totally fed up. somebody needs to come up with a good alternative to itunes....
    its too quirky ...
  • When I install iTunes 9, it gets about halfway through the download and then stops. when i tried to run iTunes 8, it said "Quicktime was not found. Quicktime is required to run iTunes. Please uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again." .. what is up ?:S
  • Like many others, I'm using Vista and updated iTunes along with Safari via the Apple Updater. Both Safari and the iTunes store won't load a thing. Tried to down-grade without success, now I'm stuck. What's up Apple? Your support site is not helpful. You do want to sell more songs don't you?
  • Haven't seen this yet on the list 'o' issues here - but with the new version I can now no longer play and/or load CDs! I get the message that iTunes has encountered an error and needs to close. Shit! This is the first time I've ever experienced these kinds of problems with a new iTunes download. I want my old version back! Feels like Microsoft land - ugh - sends shivers down my spine.....
  • I try an download new iTunes 9 but it won't download it starts downloading in segments like 14mb then 10mb and just after 80mb it stops and just freezes, I then try to cancel the download and it won't respond - bring up task manager and it's saying the apple downloader is not responding! Help anyone who is having the same problem, just won't download!
    I might just wait for a newer version perhaps
  • whenever I sync iTunes just shuts off fuckkkkkk this shit ugh
  • I have tried several times to also download the latest itunes 9. but it gets almost to the end and gives me an error message, it downloads like I need to download this because my daughter got an itouch and it tells me I need to have a later version than 8.2 to download her stuff!
  • HOKAY. So I have a Windows XP and a Mac, and I desperately need to use homeshare to save my mp3's - my XP' s dying!
    I downloaded itunes 9 on my mac without a problem... but I've tried several times to download it on my XP to no avail. It seems to work, but then I click oon itunes, and itunes 8 pops up again. HELP!!!
  • HI,
    I'm on VISTA and just upgraded to iTunes and none of my podcasts will download or update.
    Searching around the net a lot of people have same issue.
    When will Apple send out a bug fix?
    Thank you
  • After I installed the new version my phone keeps jamming up. About twice a day I have to power it down and back up to get it to work. Any calls go to voicemail (which I'm not notified of) and no txt msgs come through. There is no indication that anything is wrong ... Until I need to make a call & it won't dial out. I've tried syncing & restoring the original settings with no improvement. Has this happened to anyone else?
  • Some podcasts were doubled and transferred over to audiobooks.This is a new 3Gs 32g iphone with the 3.1 firmware and the itunes 9.0 I hope it is just a duplicate in display only because otherwise that would suck up a few gigs.
  • Wife just bought new iPhone, says iTunes is not late enough, start downloading Safari 4 / iPhone Config Utility / iTunes+Quick Time, and it just sets there with the wheel turning. No status bar activity at all! I think, "maybe it's just a large setup before the download", I don't think so. I don't think anything is that big. Clicked cancel after 10 minutes of nothing, that was 10 minutes ago and it's still cancelling while I'm typing this. Vista Sucks. Apple Sucks. Going to the task manager to end. M a y b e... All I've read on here is complaints such as mine. No tech mech anywhere. I guess I'm looking somewhere else. ^(@#$^(*@#&^ ...Still cancelling Bye
  • I just recently downloaded Itunes 9 and LOVED the look. Just one problem.. my iTunes store doesnt work. It keeps saying that "error 306 check your network settings and try again" my network is fine. I even reinstlled itunes. any help?
  • Installed itunes ok with no problems but when I sync the music, all albums with various aritsts lists as a separate album now and I~ can't seem to change it. It's really p-ing me off now!!
  • Just bought a new iPod classic 160 gig, have downloaded itunes9 three times now, each time its either corrupt or just wont open, why is it that every time apple releases a new version of iTunes he drop the fu##in ball badly and leave us poor bastards, who have just spent over $300 on a new iPod, out in the weather. Here's an idea apple, before you release a program, how about you make sure it works? just a thought. fuck i hate apple.
  • well looks like as feared apple is learning from MS more and more - your updates keep breaking your own application - new name for apple should me applisoft
  • I have Itunes 9 loaded and 3.1 loaded on my itouch. Just recently, as of yesterday.. everytime I try to sync my itouch.. itunes shuts down.. and says error.. must close application!!! WTH!!! I can't sync anything from Itunes.. it keeps shutting down!!! HELP ME!!!
  • Some problem as Help me. With other programs I'm excited to download updated versions, but with itunes, I'm a little weary because of stuff like this. I can't even play any of my songs... Whenever I try it says "iTunes has stopped working" and forces me to close the program.
  • My iPhone wouldn't synch but I left it plugged in for a long time (10-15 min) and iTunes finally recognized it. We'll see if it works. What a waste of my time, though. Come on, Apple!!!! Debug a little more before releasing this stuff. I've already wasted the last 2 hours trying to get it to work.
  • Arrgh im trying to download iTunes 9 but it gets to a random percentage and then the download will stop until it times out.. Any Ideas :/
  • Tried to download iTunes 9. Now cannot open iTunes. Cannot uninstall iTunes. Running on Windows Vista. So. What's up? It says I can't uninstall the earlier version of iTunes when I try to start it. When I try to use the icon - it says "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed". I've done tons of software updates for iTunes in the past (like a ridiculous number) and this is the first real bomb.
  • Download and watch the new movie 9 (
  • Itunes 9 is sweet! I love the new layout. Great job apple!
    The only thing is that I was trying to install it and it said it was inturupted. So I clicked on Itunes and a window popped up saying: "This application has failed to start because QTCF.dll was not found. Re-installing the application may fix this problem." Then it has an OK button and an X to close it out. I tried clicking on either and it would make a noise and then come up again. I re-installed Itunes and the installiation worked fine but the window still won't close out. I've also tried right clicking it's name at the bottom of my screen and using Windows Task Manager to close it out that way with no sucess. It doesn't bother me that much but I just would like to know how to get it off my screen.
    Besides that, it was a great thing to download and I definatly don't regret it.
  • my laptop on vista freezes when i sync my 3g on itunes 9.
    please help
  • I attempted to download the latest version of itunes 9.0 and it was taking literally hours to complete, so I turned off my computer. Now I cannot open up itunes. Each attempt to open itunes leads to a warning that reads "This action is only valid for products that are currently installed." What am I to do now?
  • So I open iTunes, click "check for updates", and it asks if I would like to download itunes version 9.0.1, so I've been clicking on the download button and NOTHING HAPPENS. EVER. I've done this nearly 20 times and I'm ready to just shoot myself. Help?
  • I think Apple is a bunch of hypocrites they point to Microsoft and say thier stuff doesn't work - well I've tried to download the new itunes about 5 times - it wont' work, thier support stinks. And even though I have 4 other ipod's that work the new one I can't wait to use won't work without 9.0 - all high tech companies stink at great customer service - especially apple
  • So I am not sure if anyone else did this but my problem started when I downloaded leopard os x to my vista and tried to uninstall it and it started to update everthing with leopard and when I finally uninstalled it my itunes will not open. I get the app is unable to load and it gives me the error (-50) code and I have uninstalled everything even through the search on my computer, restarted it and redownloaded and nothing. There has to be a setting not letting the itune account open.
  • I am having the same issue as some others are. I have to run iTunes 9 in compatibility mode for Windows XP in order for my podcasts and iTunes store to work properly. It is kind of inconvenient because it makes the appearance of my theme go away, but if someone knows about a fix, it'd be greatly appreciated if you passed that on.
  • helps?
  • tryed to load version 9 three times gets to the end of the download and a popup says that a unknown publisher is being used and it won't install what do I do know?
  • I found the solution:
    I have XP and iTunes 9.0 kept hanging up (not responding) after I updated to it. It all resolved after I called Apple support (800 801 1101). Apple tech. are duchebags for not publicizing the solution or better yet, correcting it.
    All I had to do was follow several steps to delete iTunes 9.0 AND ALL OF ITS APPLICATIONS, AND DELETE QUICK TIME AND ALL OF ITS APPLICATIONS. Then I reinstalled stupid iTunes 9.0 and it worked perfect. No more problems with hanging up (not responding) nor with not recognizing my iPhone.
    To delete iTunes and Quick time, and all of their applications this follow the steps on Apple's website:
    Removing and Reinstalling iTunes, QuickTime, and other software components for Windows XP:
    Note: The repair doesn't work unless you install all the applications and not just the iTunes and Quicktime programs. No you wont loose your music.
    Good luck and I hope this helps.
  • Don't download this if you have an iPhone or an iPod Classic!! Your iPod will not work with this software. I downloaded it today and it totally screwed iTunes up completely for me. Now i can never have another iTunes on my comp again. Not even one of the older versions. They download with errors and say i cant have it because ive had the new one on here. Although i downloaded another program to sync my ipod with and add new songs with it and everything. ITS REALLY GOOD. takes up hardly any room and is really easy to use, take my advice, do NOT get iTunes 9. (heres the link to the one i downloaded after iTunes stuffed up :D)
  • Downloading now...been hours on this slow AOL connection but should be worth the wait.
  • I just got a new computer with Windows 7 64 bit, downloaded iTunes 9 64 bit and copied across music and library info and all works well until I tried to connect my iPhone. iTunes tells me it is the wrong version and that I need to uninstall it and install the 64 bit version. What the??? Has anyone else had this problem?
  • OK im just wondering but is it supposed to take a long time to download itunes 9?? because i started downloading it last night from at around 7:30 and now its almost 12 o clock the next freaking day! its making me mad. seriously is it supposed to take this long??
  • please help =[
  • If you have broadband it should only take a few minutes.
  • I've had nothing but problems with this new version. I can't listen to a song preview as it keeps rebuffering and I have tried to download an album now for 3 days. It takes forever and keeps saying error. What can I do, someone please help!!!
  • I found a solution to my problem on another discussion thread that for the life of me I couldn't find before. If anyone has a similar problem to the one I had go to The problem wasn't iTunes but another piece of Apple software.
  • Joffff
    September 10th, 2009 at 10:54 am
    I’m in the same situation as Travis and Joffff.
    “I just downloaded and installed the newest version of iTunes onto my computer (version 9.0), and whenever I try to open it, it says the following message:
    Apple Application Support was not found.
    Apple Application Support is required to run iTunes. Please uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again.
    Error 2
    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no luck. What can I do? I am using Windows Vista and everything is up to date on the computer. Help, please!”
  • ughhh.. my ipod wont sync to my computer or itunes after installing da new version.. wth do i do?? i had my older version but it said to unistall it before installing da new version, so i did.. BUT NOW.!. it wont sync wit itunes and it wont even show dat my ipod is connected to my computer! HELP.ANYONE..pleassee..
  • I'm pissed off to say the least? I've been using a Mac since the very first one was invented, and I still do to this day own several Mac computers. I've also been a customer of Verizon for 16 years. I was going to switch to AT&T only because they have the exclusive rights to sell the iPhone and its service.
    For specific reasons that I can't get into, I remained with Verizon.
    Long & short, I want iTunes installed on my Droid!!! I love the iTunes application and I also like the Droid. Why the hell can't you people cut the crap and just give the customers what they want? I don't want someone to reinvent iTunes because I love it like it is.
  • Your template is really nice, can you tell me where you got it?
  • i've tried downloading itunes 9.0 a couple of times now but it stops at 68% then times out.... i've got a early version of itunes (the only one that'll download) but it says that i need a more recent version to use my new ipod. i've looked at the website and tried some of their troubleshooting ideas but none work... Can someone help?
  • OK - am but a simple user ... and have no real clue except that if I d/l music through iLike and listen to via iTunes 9.0 it works well ... only the first time though. About 5' after first listening, iTunes says that the piece of music cannot be found etc and whether i want to locate it manually which of course i have no chance because by then I am spuming over Jobs Apple and his Lemons.
  • I have the same itunes 9 probles with vista 64, forcing me to uninstall/reinstall. I've done it 3 times. itunes just doesn't install properly (it never shows up under Control Panel/Programs). Amazing that it's on version 9.0 and continues to be one of the worst pieces of software I've ever experienced. Are there any alternatives for managing an iPhone and iPod. Just unacceptible. The devices are so good, the desktop software soooooooo bad.
  • Installed this recently, wish I didn't keeps on crashing... Stupid apple... stupid iphones... stupid itunes... Was working perfectly before the update... I thought updates were supposed to be better than the older versions! I only updated it because I wanted to download a movie and itunes said I needed the new itunes version to do this... personally think that was just a con to download the new version... Sick of all the bs that apple makes us go through to use their stupid programmes...
  • I just downloaded and installed the newest version of iTunes onto my computer (version 9.0), and whenever I try to open it, it says the following message:
    "Apple Application Support was not found.Please uninstall iTunes, then install iTunes again.Error 2"
    I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling a ton of times ALL DAY with no luck. What can I do? I am using Windows Vista and everything is up to date on the computer. What do I do??
  • I have a problem with iTunes 9.0 too! Whenever I open iTunes Store, It says iTunes Requires Safari 4.0.3. But I already downloaded the new Version of Safari! and still didn't work! HELP you guys! : (
  • Hi, itunes 9 has been downloading for hours but it's still only 38% complete with 2 hours still to go. Why is this - i have broadband? Thanks
  • I got an iTouch for Christmas, and i was all excited so i plugged it in and tried to download itunes. it stalled with like 1% left and i dont know why. then the screen on says "thanks for downloading itunes" and it seems like it should work, but im unable to locate it on my computer. i think it downloaded, but i cant find it or open it. whY???????????
  • How very noble of you Apple to employ intellectually disabled people but FFS don't put them in the programming area ever again.
  • stil dont know how to dwnload
  • Thanks I'll try that
  • okay, so whenever i do it it keeps saying that its blocked, so i click the yellow bar at the top and then i allow it. so, then it just keeps saying its blocked...ANY HELP????
  • Hi all, I have a problem that I find in different forums on the net, but none of the proposed solutions works for me! After installing iTunes, I can't start t