iTunes Connect going offline for the holidays, unavailable from December 22 to December 29

Apple is informing developers that iTunes Connect — the portal through which they can manage their App Store apps — will be shutting down for the holidays and will be unavailable from December 22 to December 29. Developers looking to launch new apps or introduce price changes during this time will have to ensure that the changes are scheduled, submitted and approved by December 18.

Developers will be unable to submit new apps, app updates or in-app purchases to the App Store during the shutdown. Access to iTunes Connect, Application Loader and iTunes Connect for iOS will be unavailable as the team at Apple takes a well-deserved break for the holidays. Making changes to TestFlight Beta Testing will also not be possible, although developers currently testing or users invited to test prerelease apps with TestFlight Beta Testing can continue to access the service during this time.

All services should return to normal operation from December 30.

Harish Jonnalagadda

The clumsiest man in tech.