iTunes Goes Back to the Future with D45s - 2 Songs, 1 Lower Price

Apple has just released yet another new pricing model onto the iTunes Music Store: D45s [iTunes link]-- two songs for one lower price ($1.49 to $1.99).

Confession: I'm old enough to remember the original 45s, those lovable little vinyl (Google it!) records with a hit song on one side, and something ranging from awesome to ridiculous on the other.

Those days are gone, as are the days of $0.99 fixed pricing (though admittedly albums were alway a volume discounted exception), but Apple's hoping the Digital 45s prove to be as popular as the record companies no doubt hope they'll help move more music through the age old bundling scheme.

Apple Insider reports that D45s will be exclusive to iTunes only through July 27, at which point other digital music retailers will be able to offer them as well (which, until Amazon MP3 bothers to roll out internationally, means they'll likely stay exclusive to iTunes in most countries outside the US and UK...)

So, if you've been dying to get your jukebox fix, 2009 style, head on over and drop the needle hit the buy now button...

Rene Ritchie

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