Back during September's iPod and iTunes focused "Let's Rock" event, Apple announced that they would begin carrying "stunning" HD TV Shows, and that -- surprise surprise -- NBC had come skulking back into the fold as well.

Now Apple reports that they have all 4 big US-based television networks: ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC available in HD, and what's more:

200 million TV episodes sold, including more than one million HD episodes purchased since the launch of HD programming on iTunes last month.

"Purchased" should indicate that they're not counting the promotional freebies given away at the start of the HD push, right Apple? Since TV is available via cable, satellite, and for free over the air, one million episodes at $3 a shot is pretty impressive.

Of course, Apple and the major networks, and their archaic international licensing systems (wanna talk "bags of hurt"?) mean that there's currently no HD TV for users outside the US, and still no US network TV for people in countries like Canada. Ahem.

Can we get on that nowish, Mr. Cue?