iTunes Match online music locker launches internationally

iTunes Match seems to be going live internationally right now -- and for real this time, not like yesterday. International iTunes users are now once again getting the sign up page for the iTunes Match. Folks in Canada, Ireland, Mexico, Australia, France, New Zealand and various other regions are reporting successful signs ups for the service.

Not everyone has been successful though. If you're having trouble:

  1. Make sure you've updated to iTunes 10.5.2
  2. Restart iTunes
  3. Haven't already activated 10 devices (PCs and/or iOS) on the same iTunes in the Cloud account.
  4. Jump into our iTunes Match Forum for trouble-shooting help.

It does seem as though the system is a little bit overloaded right now. But let us know when -- and where -- you successfully get yourself up and running, and how long iTunes Match says it's going to take to process your library.

Chris Parsons

Editor-at-Large at Mobile Nations, gadget junkie, energy drinker, ranter.