iTunes Movies Come to Australia & New Zealand!

Apple's newly appointed vice president of Internet Services (iTunes, and now App Store and MobileMe), Eddy Cue wastes little time getting his name in the press (at least compared to how long it took Big Media and Apple to get the service in place!). Says Cue, via Apple PR:

“Movie fans in Australia and New Zealand can choose from a great selection of over 700 films for purchase and rent on the iTunes Store. iTunes provides an incredibly easy and fun way for people to discover and enjoy movies, and has quickly become the world’s most popular online movie store with customers renting and purchasing over 50,000 movies everyday.”

No word yet on whether these are 24 hour rentals like in the US, or 48 hours like in Canada and the UK, but presumably HD will remain Apple TV exclusive just like the existing regions. (And it's not like Apple blessed us with a 720p display -- or even 480p -- in the iPhone 3G anyway... I'm just saying...)

Any Australians or New Zealanders out there eager to get their movie on? Let us know what you're buying/renting first!

Rene Ritchie

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