iTunes Movie Bundles

iTunes is now offering Movie Bundles [iTunes link] with a variety of double, triple, and quadruple features ranging in price from $9.99 to $34.99.

The US iTunes store looks to have a better selection than Canada right now, with tons of options (includ some in HD. No love for the UK or other international iTunes Movie stores yet, but we'll keep our fingers crossed. As always, regional catalog availability and licensing rights are the Bah Humbug of the digital age. Still, if you need to fill up your iPhone or iPod touch for a long trip home for the holidays (or iTunes or your Apple TV for some much-needed relative-escaping couch distraction), you can find some good deals.

I'm holding fire on the Austin Powers trilogy and Lethal Weapons 1-4 bundle right now, because I'm goofy and old like that, k? Let us know which if any bundles catch your eye.

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