About a month ago we told you that iTunes previews were set to increase to 90 seconds, well last night Apple started rolling some of those 90 second previews out in iTunes.

Any song that is over 2 minutes and 30 seconds will allow you to preview 90 seconds of the song to better help you with making the decision to purchase the song. Previously all previews were only 30 seconds and many songs had previews in odd places that did not even allow users to experience much vocally to be able to tell if they would be interested in purchasing that song. Now users will have a larger scope to use to judge the quality of songs utilizing this new iTunes feature.

Not every song over 2 minutes and 30 seconds has the new 90 second previews available yet but they should be rolling out more and more. Also songs of less than the above mentioned time will be stuck with the original 30 second previews.

Are you excited to now have the ability to hear more of a song before making a purchase or were you perfectly content with the 30 second previews?

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