iTunes Now Sells 25% of US Music

According to NPD, Apple's iTunes now sells 25% of all music in the US. That's up from 21% last year, and 14% the year before. Zoom. Zoom. Walmart, by contrast, is at 14% combining their real-world stores and online distribution.

In the strictly digital domain -- which continues to gain share -- iTunes accounts for 69% of downloadable music, with Amazon trailing at 8%.

Those numbers, in case they don't smack anyone immediately in the face, are HUGE. Despite the jump to $1.29 for - quote unquote - premium music, the shift to DRM-free, combined with on-device downloads for the iPhone and iPod touch, might just be enough to keep the juggernaut rolling. Next up, we'll see how Digital-45s and "cocktail" do for them...

[Marketwatch via iLounge]

Rene Ritchie

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