Apple has selected a bunch of songs that make for popular ringtones and placed them in an easy-to-find section of the iTunes store. I'm getting tired of my old custom alarm ringtone (I only made one) and I think it's time to wake up to something new.

Ringtones: the Playlists

Listen up. The iTunes Store has just made it easier to find the perfect ringtones to assign to your favorite callers. After scouring the more than 500,000 currently available ringtones, iTunes editors have assembled a wide assortment of ringtone playlists. The genre-based playlists include such eminently “ringtoneable” tracks as “Answer the Phone” (Sugar Ray), “Pyscho” (Bernard Hermann), “My Funny Valentine” (Chet Baker), “Hung Up” (Madonna), “On the Road Again” (Willie Nelson), “Soul Man” (The Blues Brothers), and many others. Want help creating your new ringtones? [Nov 06, 2007]

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